Kampachi at Pavilion KL

Kampachi at Equatorial Hotel, KL has been one of my all time favourite Japanese a la carte places to eat… so imagine my excitement when I heard they had opened at the Pavillion KL!

Happy happy joy joy!! Get to shop and eat… how perfect is that .. ?

Today we went there to check it out for lunch…

I hate to say this… and it looks like we are having a spat of less than promising food reviews, 🙁 but….

the food was really not that good. Lets hope its just teething problems.. right?

Firstly, the place lacked ambiance. I mean, the place looked like a sterile fast food joint. My school canteen had greater ambiance than this place. It was noisy and the waiters seemed to be running around like headless chicken… When asked the name of certain dishes, they could not tell, would not tell.. whatever..

The rolls, (negi toro maki, rainbow maki and kampachi maki) were really mediocre. There was nothing mind blowing or unique about their rolls.

(If you want fantastic rolls, please refer to my blog on Hajime, on Jalan Ampang – First Class maki… and all unique concoctions by the chef himself. They have different rolls every week… go figure..)

The sashimi, for RM200 was a big let down. The fish, was not served cold, but FROZEN! There were parts that were literally ice hard… arrrgh… i mean.., come on… this is dining faux pas, isn’t it?? Totally unacceptable … you think???!

The crispy salmon skin salad was not crispy ! It was like day old Keropok (again this keropok thing… what’s going on guys.. ? ) left out to soggify

oh.. and the Tori Teriyaki, should have been named, Tesco Teriyaki because the chicken had that plastic supermarket smell that makes me totally want to die.. Can you guys just please shop at the wet market for fresh produce.. like please ??

the unagi was boring.. just look at it..

the tempura was tempura… very so-so…



but then……..


the Green tea ice cream, the Tempura ice cream (deep fried battered ice cream stuffed with peanuts) and the black sesame ice cream were tres tres delicious !

Lucky for them, because our bill for 5 people came up to a resounding RM714.15 … !

And this is just lunch mind you.
Food : 3/10
Ambiance :2/10
Service :3/10
MSG Levels : moderate
Price : RM142.83 per head… erm.. i would say… HIGH!

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