French Film Festival 2007

Cumi: Wanting to get a bit cultured, we decided to go to a French flicks promotion. It happened to be the first day. We watched Mon Meilleur Ami before heading for Hors de Prix. Both comedies. The former wasn’t that entertaining. Drawing little laughter from the few of us in the cinema (that coupled with a problematic hall light that turned ON several times in the movie – for no apparent reason – and the audience [me] having to notify the missing cinema attendant) and i was only waiting for it to end. Instead of pasting a spoiler here, read the sypnosis here with the others. OR you can visit the GSC website for screening times and further info.
Hors de Prix has the popular maidemoiselle Audrey Tautou, most famous for her protaganist role in Amelie. Together with a great performance from her counterpart, Gad Elmaleh and the rest of the cast, it was very engaging to watch and drew much laughter from a bigger but ‘not that big’ audience. It has a rather original screenplay brought together well by the writer-director Pierre Salvatori and the co-writer Benoit Graffin. Read more about it at here

CIKI : So far, my favourite movie of the lot was Hors de Prix. Irene (Audrey Tautou), is a professional gold-digger who’s spent much of her life chasing rich men, getting into their beds, and hoping desperately one day for that 4karat bling that will make her Mrs …. . On a lonely birthday she encounters Jean (Gad Elmaleh), a bartender at an upscale hotel whom she mistakes for an even bigger fish than her current man.
Jean uses up all his savings to impress and keep Irene for he is in love with her. He ends up becoming a male gigolo to make ends meet, pretty much like irene.
The second half of the movie will revolve around their trying to come to terms with their feelings for each other. Its not a bad film as the two characters argue, banter and tease their ways into each other’s lives…
Tatou’s innocence prevents the show from becoming sleazy and the bumbling fool Jean would warm any person’s heart!
Highly recommended. 4 stars.

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