SMART tunnel: The longest dual carriage underground tunnel in South East Asia

CUMI: SMART (Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel) has been opened for almost a month and just like most other eager beavers who don’t want to pay to find out things, me and ciki took advantage of the one month free usage. The proposed RM4 tol seems a bit steep though.

Me and ciki had this thoughts:
– will the tunnel reduce traffic jams? let me re-phrase: will the tunnel reduce jams with the toll situated shortly after the tunnel
– will the police take advantage of the tunnel to create DUI (Driving Under Influence) block at start or end of the tunnel or worse yet both ends of the tunnel?(!!!)

CIKI : The smart tunnel is narrow and short. Way to short for 4 bucks.
Looking at it, we foresee that you would end up in a bottleneck jam anyway, after exiting the toll.
verdict : waste of resources. waste of our money. will not serve its purpose in alleviating traffic jams

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