Yong Tau Foo , Khuang Li Cheras

Yong Tau Foo BLOG !!! Incidentally this dish is LOW in carbs and High in protein! Good for the gals !

Khuang Li has the fluffiest, springiest (!) foo chuk i have ever tried! ok.. if you have had a fluffier FC , then u tell me!

Mmmmmmmmmm…. melt in your mouth Foo Chuk !!! Tres YUM!

Even the cleanliness is like A ONE ! they have the laminated “A” sign to prove it.

Clean, fluffy, and springy… Khuang Li.. WE LIKE!!!

MSG level : moderate
Price : Chip chip!
Cleanliness : AY ONE… !!!

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  • Anonymous says:

    hey..i found ur blog by the link of Khuang Li Yong Tao Foo..I went there before and its really nice..ya you are right,the cleanliness is far better than other shops nor stalls..i saw this shop on the tv eh..^^

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