SS2 nasi lemak

So, almost everyone Malaysian should have heard of the famous nasi lemak stall in ss2.. like most Malaysian’s me and Cumi crave all things spicy, fat laden and flavourful.. so what’s more fat laden than nasi lemak (direct translation rich in coconut i.e. FAT laden) and what’s more spicy or flavourful than sambal and rendang.. ??

It was with much excitement and anticipation that we arrived at the stall bright and early.. already, a queue was forming.
It has been a while since our last nasi lemak binge..
You can imagine our disappointment as we dug into our food. The nasi this time was not at all “lemak“. It lacked the aromatic coconut flavour. The sambal was not spicy enough either.
We have to say that the standard has really dropped in the ss2 nasi lemak.
hmmm… looks like me and cumi need to look for alternative nasi lemak pig-out places… and fast.. back to the drawing board… !

Food : 4/10
Cleanliness :4/10
MSG levels : moderate
Price : low

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