FATT KEE grilled chicken rice

The place is called Fatt Kee grilled chicken rice, but believe me, it’s the DUCK you want to try! Cumi loves the duck and bbq pork rice, but for me (Ciki), its the pepper pig stomach soup that keeps me coming back… honestly, its sooooo peppery and sweet and yet not “porky-smelly” that it brings tears to my eyes (literally – am not sure if they are tears of joy, or tears caused by the pepper .. haha). For those who like their pig stomach soup with an extra peppery kick, look no further. This is it.Also, when I say that this is the place one dreams about, and wakes up in cold sweat over, only to have the insatiable sensation pacified by legging it down to Fatt Kee and stuffing one’s face with the siew ngap(roast duck) siew yok (bbq roast pork) fan (rice), i really mean this is THE place one dreams about.. i kid u not .The duck is tender, juicy and sweet with no gamey smell, and the bbq roast pork is crispy and succulent. Be sure to ask for the portion that is half-fat-half-lean, as this is the best part. Just tell the duck man, “UNCLE, Ngor Yew Poon Fei Sau, Em Koi Sai !!!!” The meal is also rather affordable, unlike the other ‘rip-off’ duck rice place in Balakong (kindly refer to past blog on duck rice in Balakong) . At Fatt Kee, 2 persons portion of duck and bbq roast pork as well as 1 portion of pepper pig stomach soup, and 2 drinks will come up to a mere RM18.50

What bliss! What joy! What a steal i say…

Since I do not believe in spoon feeding my readers, and that most of the fun of food hunting lies in looking, and getting loss and looking, and getting loss.. etc etc… I will only say that Fatt Kee’s is somewhere on Jalan Pudu, near the Pudu shopping centre/supermarket:)

Location : Pudu

Food : 8/10

Ambiance :3/10

Cleanliness :6/10 (aiyo.. roadside coffee shop la.. how to give a higher score? haha)

MSG level : minimal to nil

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