In search of red wine mee suah !

CIKI: One of the interesting things about Chinese cuisine is that there are so many different specialties by different Chinese dialects.

Last weekend me and Cumi decided to venture into the heart of Pudu to satisfy our appetite for red wine mee suah.

We found the shop quiet easily and settled down t0 the serious business of eating.

This red wine soup mee suah is not for the faint hearted. A strong, gingery, fermented, for want of a better word, wine-ish smell assaulted our noses… Cumi decided to try the other specialty instead (faint hearted la) , the Fu Chow fish balls noodles. Not so strong smelling, compared to the mee suah. We also tried the sueikaw which turned out to be a solid ball of meat – no prawn… pretty filling and porky tasting.

CUMI: Mee suah isn’t my favourite noodle because its usually really mushy but the bowl i had was cooked just ‘aight‘. The noodle still retained its texture.
The red wine soup was pretty good for a person that really dislikes Chinese wine dishes. Its strong and sweet. It won’t be my everyday dish but i’ll order it if its my “i’d like a change of eating choice” day.
The ‘sui kau‘ dumpling were a disappointment. Not because of its huge stuffing of meat but the lack of a unique taste. Additionally, it wasn’t well made; the skin was falling apart.
Fuchow fishball + the complementing fishcakes was good and same goes with the flat rice noodles(hor fun). The cook managed to retain the noodles nice texture and their noodle supplier provided a good tasting product. For about RM4, its slightly high priced but with a lot of lacklustre fishball noodle soups around, this was good.

These guys will be moving shop soon. Just a block across the street. Not too far walking distance; near a Cantonese Methodist Church and opposite Fathima Court. Happy searching!

This is an update on the 18th of July 2007.

The photos below are of the new coffee shop in its new premises! Nice, new and clean… 🙂

Rating of Food:
Foo Chow Fish balls – 7/10
Kwey Teow Soup – 7/10
Suei Kaw – 4/10
Mee Suah – 4/10

MSG level – minimal


  • thenomadGourmand says:

    just came back frm ther for lunch. it was realy taste nor smell of wine also! just red in colour! LOL.
    also, the chic was dryyyyyy and stringy..chew for 5mins also can’t swallow! no taste either. only red in colour..was surprised laa..its so femez worrr..

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    really ah? alamak.. it’s too bad that coffee shops cannot seem to reproduce good quality food from bygone years…
    well, like i said , redwine mee suah is not something id eat everyday, and now, i don’t think i ever will again!

  • Lisa (you know which one!) says:

    I'll call you the next time we make it. Being a Hockchew family, we make our own chau (the paste). My Uncle Andrew has had chau kai in Foochow and elsewhere and he says my Mum still makes the best chau kai!
    Incidentally, it's not meant to be smell fermented nor is it meant to be sweet or alcoholic (as my Uncle has had before!!). It's just meant to be aromatic. Usually, when sugar is added, it's because the chau has turned to vinegar – a no-no!

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