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Ah… While on holiday, discovering Europe, through Edible Italy is really my kind of holiday…

Travellers to Italy are never short of things to see or do. No matter what time of year you travel, holidays in Italy this year are sure to deliver history, culture, romance and delicious food in ample portions.

Italian food is one of the most ubiquitous cuisines the world over. From Domino’s to your grocery store spaghetti, interpretations of the incredible fare from this country abound, but nothing – absolutely nothing can prepare your palate for the real thing.

For those venturing out on their first Italian experience, and even for those who return again and again, there are quite simply some imperative culinary experiences. This list could go on for days, but for the sake of word counts and waistlines we will limit the scope with some rather broad strokes and let you be the judge.

pizza1. Pizza

It has to be said, authentic Italian pizza is an entirely different food to the doughy discs found in your local frozen food section. Thin crust, fresh sauce and truly gooey cheese combine to create a tasty trifecta. A Margherita Pizza in Italy will change your life, and your opinion of pizza, forever.

2. Antipasti

Meaning “before the meal”, Italian antipasti plates are the perfect culinary samplers. Nibble on focaccia, local cured meats and cheeses, fresh fish, olives and artichokes as you sip an aperitif by the sea and contemplate your next course. These plates vary greatly by region so you’re always sure to get the best and freshest delicacies that the locals have to offer.


3. Pasta

There are simply too many delicious pasta dishes to choose from, and thus the blanket category of pasta extends from regional treats like truffle ravioli to the traditional rustic plates of carbonara that will leave your mouth watering. With so many different types of pasta and even more selections of sauces, foodies will never tire of Italian carbohydrates.

4. Seafood

With miles of stunning coastline, Italy has no shortage of seasoned fishermen ready to provide you with the freshest local catch. Any trip to the Italian coast will be exponentially enhanced by indulging in culinary treats from the sea: fresh mussels, prawns, fried calamari and sardines marinated in lemon juice and olive oil are just a few of the incredible delicacies that every visitor to Italy should try at least once.

5. Gelato

After you’ve had your fill of incredible cuisine, and you’ve given yourself time to digest; there are few more Italian experiences than strolling through some ancient cobbled streets, beating the heat with some delectable Italian ice cream. With an endless selection of flavours, you’re sure to ‘find a taste that suits your fancy and keeps you coming back again and again.

Holidays to Italy are sure to delight all the senses as they give a first-hand view of incredible landscapes and ancient history. But don’t be surprised if after you return home, and days turn into weeks, your taste buds are first to whisper “let’s go back”!

Today’s guestswriter is Carmella D., mother of four, and freelance writer. In her spare time she cooks and feeds her friends and neighbours too!


  • Huai Bin says:

    Nice one! I agree, eating a Margherita in Italy is a must do. It’s a very basic pizza, one which most people wouldn’t even think of when they think pizza, but so good!

  • Great post! I agree with you that all 5 are imperative culinary experiences. I’m looking forward to eating some excellent cheese in Italy and eating some simple, yet tasty dishes, with a drizzle of aged balsamico di Modena. Of course these all taste better with some excellent italian wine! I’m sure there’s even something nice to go with gelato :).

  • despite all the walking that we’re bound to do as tourists in italy, i fear we’ll not lose any weight, cos we’ll have more than our calorific worth of pleasure-providing pastas and pizzas! 😀

    • ciki says:

      That true.. but I love the way calories don’t seem to count on holiday! Hardly put on weight with all that walking around 🙂

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