Bierkeller Ahoy!

CUMI: A hidden bar that has survived through the many changes at the competitive KL ‘Golden Triangle’
One Sunday evening, looking for something different, i suggested to go here for dinner. We’ve been here for beer but never the food.
I had a dish with beef steak served with ‘German‘ noodles and mash potatoes. The name skips my mind. It’s not NZ or USA grade A steak but it tasted pretty alright. The noodles were pretty much cornflour dough. Mash potatoes were surprisingly good.

CIKI : I decided to opt for the good ole fashion dinner that as a student in the UK, we use to rustle up in a jiffy. Meatloaf, egg and mash ! Totally satisfying! Brought back memories of hearty greasy uni meals.. haha

The food was surprisingly good for an old, somewhat musty-smelling diner. I guess Bierkeller bar and diner has seen better days, but nonetheless, we could not find any fault in their food or their beer. If you are as into German beer as Cumi and I are, but not too fussy about ambiance and looking cool in a chi-chi joint, then you will love this place 🙂

Dessert was (yup, u guessed it)… apple strudel and ice cream… The Apple strudel was OK. The batter was not as flaky and crumbly as we would have liked. The apple lacked tanginess. The ice cream was well.. just like ice cream ! It was like a tart without tart.. haha
All in all , we recommend the main meals and the beer.

Food Main : 7/10
Food dessert : 4/10
MSG levels : Low
Beer : 8/10
Service : Fast
Ambiance : 3/10

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