Bidor Ducked!

Every time we go white water rafting on Kampar River, or drive past Bidor, our favourite makan place is the Bidor Duck restaurant! It’s in the town center (which is like one street long, so u can’t miss it) and it is the most packed coffee shop you will see. It is actually 2 lots of coffee shop, where on one side, you have the main eating place and the other side sells famous Bidor snacks like the Bidor Kai-chaipeng and other snacks and biscuits.

Since getting to Bidor from KL takes a while, and since we are naturally starving by the time we get to the coffee shop, we order the works.
My absolute favourite is the fish ball and yam balls(with pork stuffing called “Wu-kok“). This is a must for the appetizer.

Then on to the main highlight … I, always have the duck soup wantan mee, while cumi prefers the Char Siew wantan mee. Both are equally delicious ! Portions are moderate (OK, bigger for me , but maybe small for Cumi who has a bigger appetite, haha) and really tasty. Unfortunately, eating the meal does leave us feeling thirsty after, which means that there is some MSG in the food. The duck soup is a duck drumstick in a double boiled soup. The meat is normally falling off the bone – very soft and succulent ! I totally recommend it . If you do pass by Bidor, make sure you check out the shop .

Food : 8/10
MSG level : moderate
Price : Moderate (for coffee shop food)
Cleanliness : 6/10

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