How we got ripped off in Balakong !

CIKI: This weekend we got ripped off! At the enticing advice of some food blogs we read, we headed out to New Village Taman Indah, Batu 11, Balakong, to try the legendary pan mee and suei kaw. Apparently the food is also MSG free. Well the food is msg free… and taste free as well.. ! NO TASTE! the soup was flat and lousy, had two small pieces of chicken and the suei kaw had hardly any prawn or mince meat in it. As a result, we finished only half our pan mee, paid and left for the duck rice stall we saw down the road (an old converted house).
The duck rice was great! Tasty succulent and really soft tender meat which melted in your mouth.. here is the picture to prove it..

unfortunately this, small plate of duck, for 2 people cost nearly RM 20 and so.. all in all, our lunch (pan mee plus duck) cost us nearly RM 35 for simple coffee shop food.
first and last time we eat pan mee in Balakong.. !

Corner house Pan Mee,
Jalan Indah 3/6
Taman Indah, Batu 11,
43200 Balakong, Selangor

Pan mee : 4/10

Duck: 6/10

Cleanliness :5/10

Price : On high side

MSG level : Moderate

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