Dusun Bonda @ Batang Kali, Selangor

Who says vacations have to be far?

One recent jaunt out for a quick Cuti Cuti Malaysia, brought is to Batang Kali for a spot of glamping… wilderness, outdoor fun for the family, in the heart of one of the most lush and pristine orchards in Selangor, Dusun Bonda.

The name Dusun Bonda (Mother’s Orchard) is the brain-child of Azura, and came from her simple idea of wanting to create great childhood memories for her daughter. She converted their fruit orchard into a modern, landscaped getaway for city folk wishing to enjoy the great outdoors and camping lifestyle, minus the hardship. Thus glamping – a more glamorous side to camping complete with amenities and almost resort-style services. A mere 1 hour for KL, it’s relatively easy to get to, especially on the weekends. Good service, all the meals provided (at a cost of course) fully functional kitchen, air-conditioning as well as hot water for the showers. Only thing missing was the wifi.

Deceptively peaceful and serene, one would almost have not recalled, the horrors that had occurred here, to put this small sleepy town of Batang Kali on the map. In 1948 the brief post-War dominance of the Communist Party of Malaya was clearly at odds with the desire of the British authorities to reclaim a territory whose raw materials would help rebuild Britain itself.

By 1948, this had erupted into an undeclared war that would be waged until 1960. British forces sought to subdue the Communists, who had gained a degree of popularity for their resistance towards the Japanese. It was against this backdrop that the 7th Platoon of G Company, of the second battalion of Scots Guards unit of the British Army, belied its centuries-long reputation for honour. On Dec 12, 1948, under the leadership of Sgt Charles Douglas, the Guards surrounded a rubber estate near Batang Kali, Selangor. Looking for Communist guerillas who habitually moved in and out of the local population, they shot and killed 24 ethnic Chinese villagers before razing the village. According to them the Scots Guards had separated the men to be interrogated before the situation turned into a rampage of indiscriminate shooting. In the end, and 60+ odd years later, justice was served, when the the case against the soldiers was heard in the British courts – judges blame Britain over Malaya massacre. Too much too late. Though the court sided with the arguement that it was absolutely clear that those at Batang Kali and those who were killed were civilians, this verdict came more that 60 years too late.

Back to present day life.. you can’t dispute the fact as to why the natural resources of Malaysia (Malaya then) are such a point of envy for any other country. We have everything. I’m just glad that my toddler is able to still enjoy the great outdoors with me and hubs, in surroundings as lush as it was 60 odd years ago.

swing away

“can I go down to play yet??”

new friends

home away from home. Wow mummy, it even has airconditioning! 😛

“this tent is way bigger than the play tent at home, mom!”

THREE queen beds fit in here. Super luxurious!

A pool with it’s natural source of water

beware the freeze!

strolling to lunch…

“why no wifi, mom?? ” 😛

Hearty home-cooked Kampung food!

Masakan dusun… that killer tasty appetite opener called Tempoyak (condiment made from fermented durian & cili padi) Rich, cococnut cream based Chicken curry – ayam masak lemak cili padi, Sambal Ikan (fish) kembung goreng, fried Omelette, vegetable soup, ulam-ulam (raw veggies) and rice eaten with explosively spicy sambal belacan. Major sweat fest!!

Option for Villa style stay as well. The biggest Glamping tent (bell tent) is going for approximately RM750 per night, and the Villa’s at RM800 per night weekend rate, (check in IG stories for 15% discount on your bookings, valid till Oct 2019).  All rooms come with complimentary breakfast. They throw in a BBQ dinner for free, as well as an”Eat all you can durian session” on the house. If you are a massive durian fan then this would be for you:)

Out exploring Ulu Yam Lama, Batang Kali.

The best things in life are free.. like this swing!

Definitely worth a visit or two annually. We will be back:)


Add: Lot 2121,Jalan Ulu Tamu
44300 Batang Kali
012-663 3667



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