5 Of The Most Fun Places To Eat In London

5 Of The Most Fun Places To Eat In London… Have you been? 🙂

It’s hard to know where to eat when you’re visiting a foreign city, especially with everything from Eater lists to Yelp reviews making you second guess your preferences. Finding the right places, though, can really take your trip to the next level by providing you with a meal you’ll remember for a long time.

This is particularly true in London. One of the most visited cities in the world, and a place that’s easy to enjoy whether or not you prioritize food, London has also become a true gem of the culinary world. There are excellent restaurants of all kinds just waiting for visiting diners to cross the threshold yearning for their next gastro-delight. Identifying the very best of these restaurants is subjective and – if we’re being honest – impossible. But here are five places where you’ll find special food and memorable experiences.

1. Trishna

London has some of the best Indian food in the world, and some of the best in London is at the Michelin-starred Trishna, an upscale dining room featuring dishes from the South Coast of India. You can take a look at their website to see the latest menu offerings (because various styles of Indian cuisine actually differ significantly), but nothing listed is going to disappoint – least of all the tandoori guinea fowl on lentils. Trishna’s cocktails are excellent as well, and the restaurant has a unique ambiance too, accented by the classy vintage travel posters adorning the walls.

2. Heliot

This is one of the best steakhouses in London. It’s located inside the Hippodrome Casino, and looks out over the main gaming floor, which makes for a fun, dynamic atmosphere. The appeal of online gaming, with unmatched convenience and numerous casino game bonuses, has presented a real challenge to venues like the Hippodrome over the last decade or so.

But Heliot represents the idea that by presenting world-class attractions beyond the games, casinos can keep the guests coming. In addition to its just being a fun place to sit for a meal, Chef Ioannis Grammenos makes masterpiece entrees you’ll practically drool over. Whether you opt for an aged cut of steak, a lamb or venison dish, or even a fresh vegetarian alternative, you’ll be thoroughly satisfied.

3. Minnow

Not all of your culinary tourism has to revolve around fancy or elegant dinners! If you’re looking for a tiny, adorable place for breakfast, you’ll find it in Minnow. This delightful establishment serves brunch every day of the week, as well as hand-roasted coffee and fresh-pressed juice.

You’ll want to get their version of the Full English (Breakfast), or a “Full Minnow” with all the trimmings. Do yourself another favor as well, and save room for something from the dessert menu. Options like churros (with chocolate sauce) and a cinnamon roll with homemade vanilla ice cream are excellent. Lastly, if you happen to be staying with friends who have a pup, bring it along! Minnow is a dog-friendly restaurant.

4. Marksman Public House

You can’t go to London and not stop into a pub. This Victorian-era public house on Hackney Road won’t disappoint, with original dark wood and a cozy feel. While Marksman provides delicious brews and ciders, though, it also offers sumptuous traditional British fare like pheasant pie, roast squash, and custard tart. Menus vary with the season, but generally speaking this is one of the best options in the city if you’d like to pair a traditional pub experience with a terrific meal, all in one place.

5. Kitty Fisher’s

The finest of fine dining options, this pinkies-out place in Mayfair will likely cause you go groan involuntarily at how delectable each bite of food is. From your smoked eel risotto to the very end of your Guinness chocolate mousse, you’ll be filing away mental notes to tell friends and family about when you bring them back to Kitty Fisher’s. Said a review in The Infatuation, “being at Kitty Fisher’s is like being wrapped in a velvet blanket, being served bouillabaisse from a silver spoon.” That’s about how we’d put it, except that we’d add four more silver spoons with four more delicious offerings to round out the restaurant’s five-section menu.



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