Lucky Peaches Eating Hall & Bar @ Arkadia, Desa Park City

Where on earth is this place, @tummyleejones muttered to me.

If not for GPS, we would have gone in circles, looking for Lucky Peaches.

Well luck comes in many forms, and this time, it happened to be a peach. We arrived at Arkadia that evening, parked and exited at Block B.

You will chance upon the center court, but Lucky Peaches is not there. Find Guardian and circle around to the front and lo and behold you would have found Lucky Peaches Eating Hall & Bar.


Taiwanese wok black chilean mussels in fish broth infused with sake, scallion, tomato, fresh thai basil, served with sides of toasted sourdough. RM31.90

Our friend Ling invited us to sample the fare at Lucky Peaches. Though she says that the concept of ‘Eating Hall’ is supposed to be super informal, in the same vein as mass-hall, we find the vibe a tad bit more upmarket than that. Maybe its the modern industrial ID, or the minimal electronic tunes that play subliminally, but it’s definitely not mass hall vibe.


The Sazerac and the Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz – RM 28.90 .. fruity and fresh – a tinge of sweetness, this orange and rhubarb spritzer is perfect with just a hint of grapefruit-rind bitterness from the aperol, perfectly mixed with a refreshing pinot grigio.  Sazerac – RM 39.90 ..  a digestif, this early 19th century vintage cocktail is their interpretation of rye whiskey, pastis, bitters, lemon peel and served with a very cold ice ball


Wow Bao Basket RM7.90 each – (i)braised five spice pulled jackfruit (ii) kyuri cucumber, carrot, scallion, cilantro, crushed roasted peanuts (iii) buttermilk fried chicken pickled achar salad, crushed roasted peanuts, toasted white sesame seeds

The ‘Sharing Bites’ are a great way to sample the fare without getting too full. These go well with classic as well as contemporary cocktails.


Fried Vietnamese Pokpok Wings – RM23.90 set of 4 wings, served with sweet, spicy dipping sauce. We felt the wings needed to be a little bit more crispy.


Thai cilantro mango salad.. elevated flavours thanks to the bunga kantan (torch ginger). Loved the generous sprinklings of quinoa -fabulous.. don’t miss this


Chargrilled Calamari – RM25.90 with fresh mango mint cilantro salad, served with house-made spicy tamarind sambal..  dipping sauce somewhat overwhelming tasting sauce and super salty. Calamari came overcooked

It’s not like these dishes lack flavour. In fact, some might say, they packed too much of a flavour (especially the sauces) and can be taken down a notch even.


Taiwanese Wok Vongole – RM23.90 . Clams  in broth infused with sake, scallion, tomato, fresh thai basil served with sides of toasted sourdough. Not the freshest tasting. We preferred the mussels.


From the charcoal oven – whole fish rainbow trout – RM48 charcoal grilled whole fish, served with a herbed clarified butter dipping sauce

We enjoyed the charcoal grilled rainbow trout served with a clarified butter sauce. Fresh grilled fish with a squeeze of lemon to zest up its smoky aroma. Our only grouse was too many small fine bones to pick through, perhaps a different fish would have done a better job.


A generous portion of grass-fed ribeye – RM79.90. Cooked medium rare with asian chimichurri & sauté veggies. Featured with the Oxford Landing cabernet shiraz aus – RM21.90glass

The Main Plates were generous in portions and well seasoned. One of the highlights of this ribeye were the baby potatoes that come with it. Served whole with skin on, but smashed and flattened and fried in fat. A little undercooked for a good bite. They were just sublime.


Cod fish – another winner. RM80 plus and you would say expensive but the cost of Cod has become astronomical these days. Featured with Grapefruit Tanqueray 10 gin

A faultless Cod fish where the only qualm might be the price, but like I said, try getting your hands on Cod fish cheap these days.. chances are you’d come up empty. The cocktails at Lucky Peaches are well made and balanced.. definitely worth ordering.


Smoked Duck Breast RM39.90. House-smoked duck breast, creamy potato mash, cherry tomato, asparagus &  red wine reduction, featured with the Cosmopolitan cocktail.


sous vide and charred whole leg of chicken_rm 29.9
24-hour marinated coconut, garlic & lime whole chicken leg with crushed garlic baby potatoes & sauté veggies.

We were informed the vegetables are sourced from small scale local farmers in Pahang and they are incredibly delicious. Small and crunchy and packed with flavour. You wonder why more restaurants don’t support the same local homegrown sources.


talking to Ling on the concept behind Lucky Peaches

Finally, worthy of mention is the Burnt Cheesecake that’s featured at Lucky Peaches. It’s light and airy and super yummy. Watch out for that burnt layer that imparts a surprisingly deep mouthful of flavour, that melts into the salty sweet cheese cake. We had this to go as it was just impossible to fit any more into our distended bellies 😛

Several items on the menu need some improvement as admitted by its owner so the menu is still work in progress. Put this place on your list of places to visit for 2018. These days where so many god awful soulless cafes proliferate.. ( sorry but we’re not fans), springing up all over town like the plague, it’s nice when a restaurant with a voice and identity breaks away form the mundane landscape.

B-G-8 Plaza Arkadia @ Desa Parkcity
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
tel: 03-2712 0705
Closed Mondays


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