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Just a couple of months back, dad decided he wanted to revamp our family home. He enlisted my help. With no idea where to start (since my experience extends as far as DIY IKEA) I started to do what most clueless folks do. I browsed the web.

Low and behold, this website sprung up. Uncanny. It was like a solicited answer from the powers that be. itself is a web platform dedicated to connecting property owners with experienced and vetted interior designers. By vetted, they mean, the team actually meets/speaks to every Malaysian Interior Design firm that’s keen to list, to ensure that they are legitimate companies and have the skills and experience as advertised.

The website is easy to navigate, and users can shop, depending on property type. It also holds interior design images from over 1000 interior designers’ portfolios. Shop by room, style (Scandinavian, retro, modern, etc), and colour, then save whatever images they like to their own personal albums.

And as I browsed on, I found the Home & Design articles on the website, really inspiring.. like how to turn a terrace house into a heavenly dig, with a pool included. Man, the way they turned tight spaces into cosy living spaces, or spaces to workout in even (if you can’t make it to the gym) was also a huge draw for me. Easy practical tips on top 10 things you need to buy from IKEA (under RM99) struck a chord as I had perhaps half those items in my own home:P

I decided to dig deeper to find out how exactly how to help my father revamp his home, fearing the worst, that it might turn out to be arduous process. This was how I found a designer for my dad..

I went to the “browse projects” and “browse ideas” pages – super user-friendly as you may adjust the filters by room, property type, colour, price range, location, etc, so they can get ideas and find ID companies which have executed projects similar to what the user has in mind.

Usually someone like my dad tends to go by word-of-mouth or if it’s me, then I do an online search, but those aren’t always reliable or comprehensive sources. There are a lot of scammy websites out there, so one should exercise caution when doing one’s own research. lists over 1000 trusted local IDs. Again, vetted interior designers means they are personally evaluated by the team to be legitimate companies that have the skills and experience to deliver what they promise.

Users get quotations from IDs for free, no limit. IDs who are interested in the project will send their quotations, so users can choose from multiple quotations – compare prices, experience, expertise, chemistry, etc.

I also learned that the quote for the job would include Interior Design Works Included Carpentry, Ceiling, Flooring, Painting, Plumbing,Tiling, Walls and Wiring. That was exactly what I needed. Less headache the better – I really wasn’t too keen on sourcing for electricians, plumbers etc. provides you with everything under one roof. Now I get where the name comes from!

Simple to navigate tabs such as Find Pros, Browse Projects, Browse Ideas and Expert Tips made it really easy to narrow down our search and find the perfect look that fit the price tag. So, if you’re ever looking to give your home a completely new look, or make a couple of effective tweaks, here’s the place to find the right team to do it!





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