‘Fa Kee’ Awesome Char Siew, Siew Yoke Rice @ Kinrara, Puchong

That is the name.

I ‘fa kee’ kid you not.


But Fa Kee, truly rocks, and I will get to that in a minute.


But first, a rant.

And had we not been so pissed off by this shop, Chen Kee Segambut, which has hiked their prices to exorbitant levels (just as how Pudu’s Wong Kee has become plus the fixed serving times and the long wait), we might not have ventured further, and stumbled upon Fa Kee.  Yes indeed, eventhough we listed Chen Kee on our top 10 list, we do not give them business anymore. Cut-throat does not even begin to describe it. Not only is it not as tasty and just full of fat these days,  I’m talking, 4-5 slices of Siew Yoke, just as sparse a number of Char Siew, but slapped a generous bill of RM29.00! The serving was  supposed to be for 2 person but the portion served were fit only for 1 person. When we complained the barbeque pork was too fatty, they took it away then returned with a small serving of hardened end bits usually discarded. With disgust, we vowed never to return, and you’d be wise to do the same. hah.


But no matter, these past few weeks has been put to good use, forgetting our disappointment with Chen Kee. We’ve found something so much more rave worth to write about, and we found it in Kinrara Puchong.

OH yes indeed, Kinrara Puchong has been enjoying this best kept secret for too long. Now PJ’s gonna have a piece of the action (haha).


Fa Kee’s Charsiew, Siew Yoke rice is the BOMB. And it’s cheap. Look at this massive plate which only set us back by RM13.50!

And then again a huge single portion that comes with a large rice that definitely overfeeds one, and starts at RM6. This plate you see above only cost RM7.50 and was huge for even one person.


It’s no wonder folks queue and queue for a slice (or two) of the action.

The BBQ pork meat is just perfectly caramalized, and the sweet sauce well balanced. The roasted pork has a divine crackling and skin that makes your hair stand on end when you bite into it.


So there you have it. We are tempted to re-write the Top 10 Siew Yoke post all over again, but.. nah!  …they might become ‘Fa Kee’ expensive 😉


We’re constantly in search of good, affordable BBQ roast pork, charsiew pork sellers that deserve the attention so let us know your favourite wherever in the world you may be.



Bean Sprout Chicken Rice @ Kedai Makanan Fa Kee  
80, Jalan TK 1/1, Taman Kinrara, 47180 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia


  • Choi Yen says:

    I don’t like my char siew doused with sauce, I’ll ask for serving them separately 😛

  • Andrew says:

    Do check out the nondescript Kedai Kopi Tian Hong @ Salak South Garden. Been my Piggy and the Feast crave-buster for the past decades and half.

    You’re so right. Zhang Kee @ Segambut, that Datuk Siu Yuk @ Pudu are plain rip off. Been there and can’t help feeling roasted instead. One-and-done.

  • Ghan says:

    Very big potion rm7. 2 person can eat. Taste wise 5/10. Price wise 10/10

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