Another Amazing Indian Barber Head Massage!

Indian Barber Brickfields

The quest continues with @tummyleejones seeking for the best Indian Barber head Massage. This time, his trail leads us to the backlanes of Brickfields to a rather cosy ‘lil Indian Barber Shop owned by Thiyagarajan. Just around the corner from that yummy biryani restaurant.

Thiyagarajan left Chennai more than 15 years ago to seek better pay for his hair-cutting skills in Malaysia. Today, he raises a family with 3 kids and proudly owns a little shop. Kuala Lumpur is now his home.

As usual, @tummyleejones gets a head massage, after he has had his haircut. This is his favourite thing to do.. I mean, there’s just no point getting a haircut if it’s not finished off with a terrific traditional Indian Barber head massage, This time, the haircut cost only RM10 and the head massage RM8, for an affordable total of RM18 only. If you have found a cheaper, better one than this, please share and leave a comment.. we would love to check it out too;)

The Indian Head Massage, has been a part of Indian culture for centuries and the pressing of pressure points is known to be used for manipulating energy channels. The goal is to clear blocks in these energy channels and thus removing ailments and sometimes even healing diseases. But if you ask @tummyleejones, he just likes it because he is a sucker for head massages – the harder, the better (that’s what she said). This guy was strong.. much harder than the previous apparently..

Watch the previous one here :


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