Food for Thought in Liverpool

Whoever it was that said that money made the world go around, were dead wrong. It’s food that makes my world go around. Each and every day my time is planned according to what I eat or where.

This is the same for a number of us out there dubbed “foodies”. If you are a foodie like me you are open to trying something new, excited when you find a hidden gem and can trace most of your fondest memories back to a table or picnic blanket. Britain has adopted every cultural cuisine known to man turning the UK into a smelting pot of worldly dishes. Where else can you enjoy traditional hearty English dishes one night then a tastes of exotic Indian street food the next? Answer Liverpool.

Here’s where the thought comes in, which day for which dish?

Fine Dining

There’s nothing quite like getting all dressed up and heading off for a meal you know is full of rare ingredients prepared by a chef who isn’t afraid to push the boundaries. When you don’t really understand the ingredients that are listed on the menu but they arrive on your table a sheer work of art.

Liverpool is lucky to have a choice of fabulous restaurants with talented chefs that aren’t afraid to try something unusual.

The likes of Paul Askew at The Art School or Phil Daley of Panoramic 34, both providing diners with tantalizing menus, pushing the boundaries where possible bringing a true fine dining experience to the city of Liverpool.

Street Food

From the streets of India at Mowgli to the vendors of Lebanon at Bakchich, Liverpool has welcomed a huge number of trendy restaurants serving up their wares street food style and the more rustic the better.

At Mowgli diners can enjoy a huge menu of Indian food worlds away from your average takeaway tikka masala. These are dishes that are enjoyed by those who live and work in India, things that people enjoy on their lunch break. The equivalent to the staple British lunch of sandwiches and crisps and all served in kitsch metal tiffin’s.


Bakchich offers a menu that stretches from morning to night. For breakfast enjoy strongly flavoured Lebanese sausages, traditional flatbreads and falafels. At night the menu changes to spicy combinations of chicken and lamb, accompanied with tangy pickles homemade creamy hummus and refreshing salsa’s.

The surge of popularity surrounding street food only goes to show that there are more foodies out there than you think.


Think Sunday roast dinners, full English fry ups and that famous staple Liverpool dish, Scouse. There’s nothing quite like a Sunday stroll through the city where the scents of a sumptuous roast dinner waft out the doors of The Bastion Bar and Restaurant. Or heading to Café Tabac on your day off for a belly busting full English.

To sample the local delicacy Scouse nowhere beats a Liverpool home kitchen where the best scouse concoctions in the world are born. Don’t wait for your invite to dinner at somebodies’ house, even though Scousers are notoriously friendly, instead head to Maggie Mays for the nearest you can get to home cooked traditional scouse.


When summer begins there is one food in Britain that flies of the shelves every weekend. Barbeque food. Unlike the Gold Coast of Australia or the West coast of the US, us Brits don’t get year round grilling weather. So when it does hit, outcome the coals and skewers ready for Barbeque season.

In Liverpool you don’t need to be king of the grill as long as you know where to get you lips round some of the best BBQ in town. Burgers, kebabs and sticky chicken is on the menu and can be found on the outdoor tables at a number of Liverpool eateries.


Favourites of the city include Salt Dog Slims, a place that is as tasty as the name sounds. Popular for both its awesome BBQ offerings as well as the biggest stein beers in Liverpool. Then check out the size of the skewers at Copacabana Bar and grill. Here enjoy open griddles strewn with hunks of delicious marinated meat served Brazilian style at your table.

Whatever your dining style Liverpool can provide, or why not try them all after all you weren’t given the title “foodie” for nothing.


About this week’s guest writer :

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