Top 3 best drinks for pairing with Mooncakes!

OK, since now we are undoubtedly into mooncake festival month, full swing, this seems like the right post for the right moment.


Did you know that the 3 best drinks to pair with mooncakes, are…

1. Full-bodied sweet wines – Savoury salty egg yolks, chewy pastry and sweet lotus paste are an elegant match with sweet wines.

2. Champagne – as if we need an excuse to drink bubbly huh? Well bubbly goes great with musang king, chocolate or most snow skins really if you ask me.

3. Chinese tea – actually this goes with everything, and especially the nutty and more oily mooncakes.


So, imagine our delight with MHD delivered this to our door. Eventhough we were away, we still get to enjoy some fabulous mooncakes with the equally fabulous and effervescent, Veuve Clicquot!


Snowskin is my absolute favourite! 


Yay us, Yay MHD.. and double yay for mooncakes paired with champagne, for sure! Now if you will excuse us.. we are off to get fat.


{RM288 nett for box of 4 mooncakes and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot. Pretty good deal, me thinks!}

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