Dinner in the Sky comes to KL!

Dinner in the Sky…


Something folks have been talking about for weeks.


But it only took 48 hours for all tickets to be sold out.


So much hype – would it be really worth the thrill of being strapped to a chair, hundreds of meters above ground level as one dined on the amazing creations of Chef Marc Fery of KL Hilton? Would I drop my plate, need the loo, or worse yet, fall out of my chair? So many questions that would soon be answered later in the week, when we would be summoned to dinner in the sky.


Dinner in the Sky, held in 43 different countries around the world has one thing in common – floating on a sky platform, as dinner is served. Definitely an unusual and unique dining concept and as such, made it on Forbes.com’s list of 10 most unusual restaurants in the world.


Malaysia was the first country in South East Asia to host the experience, in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, with the daunting figures of the iconic Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower for company, and as such, we were super excited and honoured to be part of the event. Dinner in the Sky, is supposed to run for the entire month of August, but due to popularity, we heard that it might be extended.

Now since all the dinner flights were fully booked, KL Hilton managed to pull some serious strings to get us on the dessert flight last week And so that we wouldn’t feel left out either, they hosted the same dinner for us at GRAZE in KL Hilton, then shuttled us over by limo to KL tower for Dessert in the Sky. Bless their hearts!


Chef’s Kettle and Ocean Pearl

A delicious started of Roasted Roma Tomato Soup infused with Double-pressed Virgin Olive Oil, Mini Herb Focaccia, Fresh Irish Kelly Galway Oyster and Homemade Yuzu Caviar was served.


From the Sea

Next was the succulent Miso Black Cod, Thai Asparagus with Poached Daikon. This was the best dish for the night. Just shy of well done, the cod was superbly well cooked.


Confit Country Hen

Caramelized Red Onion, Carrot and Green Pea Puree, Truffle-scented Jus and some sort of tough kampung chicken was served. I liked the condiments, but wasn’t too crazy about the dry chicken.


Off we go… see my flats? Wasn’t about to risk stilettos on the sky platform! 


Glamour shot with James Ng and Dato Kee Hua Chee! We were limo-ed over in style from KL Hilton… very impressed with the way things were organized.

UntitledThe VIP waiting room … waiting to catch our “flight” 


The previous group is lowered to the ground  – there are roughly 5 sessions per day..  “Going  on up to the spirit Dinner in the Sky.. ”  🙂 


Me, being strapped in! 


Music was played .. not sure if it was to set the mood, or the calm nerves! haha


And up we go!


“Wave to the people!”


Wild berries tiramisu paired with the Nutty Berry 

The first cocktail was delicious – full of ripe sweet yet tart berries with a sourish tang. Loved it.


French macaron paired with the Cider Bellini


This next one went straight to our heads! The cider bellini was strong, unsweet and really hit the spot. It helped neutralize the super sweet macaron.


Hazelnut paired with the Chocolate Express


Best dessert of the night. This Hazelnut number melted in the mouth and went terrific with the vodka spiked coffee. Decadently divine.


Look ma.. no hands! 


Final round of champagne before coming back down to earth.

What a crazy night! Here are some of the top questions we got on FB, and our answers, on Dinner in the Sky!

1. How do you go to the loo? – Go to the loo, before you go!  Obviously. There’s a nice, clean restroom for you to relief yourself like 10 times, before the flight, if you like. Anyway the dinner is only for 1 hour, so I am sure you can hold it in for that long.

2. Was it wobbly/windy? – No it wasn’t windy, and yes the platform felt rather stable. You need to keep your feet in though, otherwise you might lose a shoe. Best to wear flats. It was so stable, we dropped our seats back by 45° for an adrenalin rush, and pivoted on the spot to face outwards. Yes extremely safe!

3. Are there any minimum/maximum requirements? – You’ll have to be above 18 and with a minimum height of 145cm and a maximum weight of 150kg.

4. How many people can go up on the platform? – 22 diners, 1 chef and 5 safety crew.

5. Will there be an extension on Dinner in the Sky? – You can refer to this site for future announcements.

Good Luck!

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