Cocktails at Hyde @ 53M

Cocktails at Hyde @ 53M it said.

But first, I would have to find the place.

Again, the GPS is always my trusty companion when in doubt, and I soon found this hidden bar, tucked away in a corner of Uptown PJ.


And while cocktails might have a reputation for being less masculine than certain other drinks, yet more and more folks of the male gender partake of them, especially with the numerous cocktail bars springing up all over KL.

It used to be a woman’s drink and if you didn’t want to get excommunicated from the apparently ‘hard-drinking’ fraternity, then you sure as hell stuck to beer to whisky or hard liquor. But if you look deeper you will find that the cocktail, is actually the choice for the hard drinker. I mean, look at how many different spirits go into one single cocktail. At least 4 ingredients, I am told.


The Perfect Martini by Shawn of Omakase Appreciation

Which brings us to this wonderful cocktail event at Hyde @53M. Diageo Reserve would be organizing a mixology competition, and this cocktail night was like a prelude to the event.. so lucky me. I get to drink cocktails, along with all the lucky men and women in the room.

That night there were 3 cocktails served :



Southside by Insan of Tate


And, Grapefruit Rickey by Osmund from Hubba Hubba


All 3 were equally delectable!


Apparently for the competition, 15 mixologists will compete on two fundamental challenges using the collection of fine spirits from the Diageo Reserve luxury portfolio before moving on to the Diageo Reserve WORLD CLASS Malaysia grand finale. The finalists selected to represent Malaysia at the 2015 Regional Finals in Bangkok will be selected based on the best overall scores and the judging criteria will cover aroma, flavour, presentation, techniques and use of the spirits.


Well, since these cocktails were of terrific calibre, am sure the judges will be hard pressed to find a winner! We wish these talented mixologists all the best for the finals!


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