Flying AirAsia X to the Tokyo Marathon 2015

We just got back to KL, and we flew with AirAsia X, Business Class, and all I can say is that, it’s a must if you have been traveling non-stop for 2 weeks, and had to run a marathon in between.

Trust me, your limbs will thank you for it!


For just a little more money (during promotion time and offer, it’s even cheaper), you can have most of the comforts that business class has to offer.


The final night in Shinjuku, me and Cumi partied like there was no tomorrow, only to wake at 5am to catch our flight back to KL. It was a 1.5hr ride by JR train, at that ungodly hour to the airport, trust me… I was never happier to see a flatbed!


So you check in, and immediately the queue is shorter for the Business class. So much less hassle.


You get on board the flight faster too of course. You enter the cabin and you see, the Business Class features a flatbed with universal power sockets, adjustable headrests and built-in personal utilities such as tray table, drink holder, reading light and privacy screen. Massive leg space is a welcomed plus. No need to sit all cramped up for 8 hours.


AAX to Tokyo

Cumi has longer legs than me.. he was able to stretch them out comfortably for the entire flight.  Such bliss.


The control panel shows you can be 100% horizontal if you see fit! 

There are also complimentary services (prior to check in) such as Pick A Seat, Priority Check-in, Priority Boarding, Priority Baggage, 40kg Baggage Allowance, Complimentary Meal and Pillow & Blanket, which makes the money spent worthwhile.


Once in flight and the seatbelt signs are off, the air stewardess checks on desired meal time. It’s all very flexible.


Basically, you can have your meals anytime you like.. 


 I don’t know about you, but I always pay attention during the safety briefing! 😛 


The Business Class meal ordered came with additional food items i.e. chocolates and croissant with butter (on top of the ‘regular’ DeluXe Meal). Passengers can actually pre-order DeluXe Meals online for selected mains, which can consist of a main + side salad + dessert and orange juice. The are complimentary juices, coffee and tea but no alcoholic beverages.

Throughout the flight, the are complimentary juices, coffee and tea but not alcoholic beverages or snacks.

We had Roasted Chicken with Cranberry gravy sauce. As you can see, there was even stuffing in our chicken which was surprisingly rather tasty!

For other main meal, passenger can also maximise their meal by adding RM9 where they will get a dessert and a drink. All online pre-booked meals will come with a 350ml bottle of water. More info here.


After eating, I was smashed. The flatbeds were awesome – they were so wide and long – 20” width, 60” pitch and stretch out to 77” in full recline position! I could sleep as flat as if I was on my own bed.


All in all, we would say that the top reasons for flying AirAsia X Business class would be, because it’s very good value, given its comfort level that is on-par with full service of any business class travel. AND, it costs that much less than business class on other airlines. Booking during the promotional period would mean even more costs savings. Win-win situation for those who travel extensively for sure.


AirAsia X very kindly sponsored our flights to Tokyo and back. However, all opinions expressed are that of CCFoodTravel. You can check out their facebook page or their website for flight information at AirAsia X.

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