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Fans of healthy cuisine rejoice!

Now, for those of us living closer to PJ, we need not brave traffic all the way to Jalan Tun Razak, to get to Living Foods, for our Raw food fix anymore. We need only brave traffic as far as Telawi Bangsar!

You see, Ashley’s the offshoot of the Living Food Bistro Cafe in Menara Tan & Tan in Kuala Lumpur has just opened shop on Jalan Telawi 3. Ashley Yiin, the chef, together with her mum Emily, have been developing recipes for the two cafes all this while and now finally, Ashley’s on Telawi is born. So far, we have been huge fans of the food at Living Bistro in Menara T & T so we were rather looking forward to dining at Ashley’s.


I am addicted to Ashley’s Wagyu Ribs served with a pumpkin mash..


Ashley is such a gifted cook. I watch her roll quinoa sushi rolls from behind the counter with a deft hand. Like lighting she lays out the sliced avocado and mango in the center of the quinoa, and rolls it all up employing the sushi bamboo rolling mat.


made on the spot … love quinoa and the way it is paired with mango and avocado


slice and dice .. open kitchen concept at the back of the restaurant.. Ashley and team can be observed preparing dishes with ease


super delicious yet healthy quinoa sushi rolls.. Vegan friendly

The living pulled eggplant is also a must order. Lovely marinated eggplant slices, served on a flaxseed cracker. You may pop these into your mouth in one go and just let the sweet flavors of caramelized eggplant wash over you. I am a big fan of eggplant so this rather hit the spot.


Another light favorite is Sea Bream Fish Ceviche. Loved the way Ashley marinated the sea bream in calamansi, ginger and salt, and served it with a spiral vege and bali sambal. The bali sambal was predominantly made from ginger red chili oil – such a sharp, contrast to the fish. Delicious!


The menu at Ashley’s definitely has a couple of new additions, not available at Living Food Bistro, such as the Wagyu Ribs served with a pumpkin mash, the Pho with Wagyu Oxtail and Ribs, and for a local flavor, the Nasi Kerabu.


The Pho, is really the luxe version of the Vietnamese street-side favourite – it comes with a massive wagyu rib that juts out from the deep jowls of the brown broth, like a huge monument of meat, a massive chunk of oxtail concealed under the noodles and a flat piece of white meat – the eye round. The noodles made from brown rice and black rice were just the perfect texture too.


 Pho noodles made from brown rice and black rice 


The Nasi Kerabu was served with Bario rice, and the chicken rendang had fantastic flavors – made with Ashley’s famous laksa paste as a base, gula melaka, coconut oil, almond milk, the sauce was rich and thick.. a little too sweet perhaps but definitely delicious when accompanied by bario rice. The best part for me, were the sprouted Almonds used in this dish liberally, which imparted a gorgeous crunch with every mouthful.


But popular dishes that are at Living Food are also available here, such as the Borneo Laksa cooked with almond milk, with prawns and a miso sambal; the Posh Burger with a lamb patty and the bun made with red yeast; and the divine Apple Crumble. The Wagyu Pho Noodles and the Borneo Laksa are served on the Sat and Sunday, breakfast all day menu, known as Ashley’s Early Beginnings. There is also a Vegan laksa for those who don’t take meat.


Borneo Laksa cooked with almond milk, with prawns and a miso sambal


Another one of the huge highlights here was the Quail Currant Stew with tarragon and red wine. The Quail Currant Stew was sweet and bursting with flavor. For a small bird, the quail sure was plump with succulence.


This quail had been slow braised in black lentils, pinenuts, carrot, raisins and organic Spanish red wine, rendering the meat tender and bursting with flavour. There were also flavors of raisins that added sweetness to the stew. So, so good.

Now believe us when we say, eating healthy yet tasty, has a face. Ashley’s!

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Ashley’s By Living Food
11, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru,
Kuala Lumpur
Mon-Fri, 11am-11pm; Sat-Sun, 8am-11:45pm.
Tel: +603-2202-2778


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