Back to Sin Hiap Kee for that Curry Fish Head Fix

Just as any South East Asian that’s been away in the West for too long, the immediate craving on the dining table is for something greasy, sweet-sour, spicy and hot off the stove.

I am back in KL!

And my appetite for all things spicy, greasy and generally eaten with a truck load of steaming rice is back!


So, its little wonder I made Cumi bring me back to Sin Hiap Kee for some Curry Fish head, to satiate my insane craving for heat and fish and curry, and rice!

Love the explosive tofu puffs that just squirt curry gravy into the back of your throat when you bite into it. Equally addictive are the round creamy eggplants and slimy ladies fingers. All the ingredients and hallmarks of a great fish head curry. And the bits I like most.. coriander. More people should learn to add this to their fish head curries I tell you. Takes it to a whole new level.


Red Snapper Tail.. smaller and slightly cheaper than the head


Select your head of choice.. the lady will heat it up in the boiling curry for you.. normally one head feeds 4 comfortably



Cumi is not a big fan of fish head, so I had to eat thing whole thing on my own.. almost. It looks small, but I tell you, even the smallest head is huge. And it is 60 bucks for the smallest head. The bigger ones cost 70. I guess you could say I was an expensive date.


Anyway, the reason why I love this Red Snapper head is because of the wobbly bits in the head and behind the eyes. The prize being the brain, when you crack open the skull, and right in the center, about the size of a quarter of a green pea, is the grey matter. A lot of effort for something so small, but I’d do it, again and again. Nuts about fish brain. The lips are good too, but they are not alway intact or still on the fish. You’ve got to navigate the sharp teeth carefully too.


The flavour is deep and awesome. That sour kick from the tamarind seals the deal. Just this and rice, is all I need. Thank God I am in training for a marathon. Otherwise I’d get fat. Seriously fat. No joke.

Sin Hiap Kee Pudu Fish Head4

Yum Yum.. The eye and the brain.. all mine


 Kids love the papadum here.. can’t blame them. I like it too! 


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Restoran Sin Hiap Kee,
32, Lorong Brunei Selatan, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel:03-2148 9557
Open: 7am to 7pm
(Fish head curry from 12pm to 3pm)
Closed on Sundays
GPS: 3°08’16.8″N 101°42’46.5″E









  • Christy says:

    Yeah, it feels good to be back home where everything is just so familiar, and to food that comfortably rests on our taste buds! I totally get how that feels 🙂
    The curry looks spicy, and my in laws love fish head curry, though I am not so huge on the fish heads..
    I never did know that’s how they were devoured; I couldn’t bear to look or read on…oh dear, I stopped at the mention of the cracking open of the head….now, I am officially disturbed! I will probably scream the next time my in law mention fish…h-e-a-d… :-O

  • cquek says:

    what a heavenly meal!

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