Erawan Classic Thai & Fusion, and the Miele Guide

We weren’t surprised at all, when we heard that Erawan had ranked terrifically well yet again, on the Miele Guide.

That’s right folks, Erawan Classic Thai and Fusion is one of Asia’s Finest Restaurants – Ranked 3rd , in the Top 5 Best Restaurants in Malaysia, Miele Guide 2011/2012 !

For the second consecutive year 2010/2011 and 2011/2012 they have been listed in The Miele Guide Asia because their food is nothing short of fabulous. Chef Korn, their resident Chef, constantly produces cutting edge Thai cuisine and is at the forefront of cuisine innovation and creation. If I had to pick one all time favourite (oldie but a goodie), it would have to be the cockles curry with betel leaf dish you see below. And the newest fusion dish which is now my current favourite is Erawan’s Fusion Pad Thai (great for cocktail parties) with a really cool fusion twist – the croissant. Apparently it was suppose to be a puff pastry but a croissant may also be employed to fashion this fusion pad thai dish. Oh, the croissant does wonderfully too if you ask me!


Cockles curry with betel leaf

Yes indeed, Thai food shines at this affordable cozy, restaurant in Kota Damansara, with clean wood tables, tastefully colored walls, and intricate hand made decorations. The unusual suspect of fusion Pad Thai, sidles up with more mainstream preparations like deep fried Garoupa, Curry Massaman, Cockles with betel leaf, and Duck with Basil Leaves. Equally well-prepared are the Thai noodles – where the white, springy curls of noodles don’t stick together in a hot mess and the sauces with fish balls can be added over the noodles at your own leisure. The deep fried garoupa fish that’s garnished with mango bits is heavenly- the acidity nicely cuts through the heaviness of the battered fish.


Fusion Pad Thai – Mini Croissant infused with Thai Pad Thai

The other delightful surprise came in the form of individually plated Whole scallops topped with Erawan Thai styled sauce and Salmon Sashimi Salads – light and too addictively easy to eat. Gravy heavy dishes like the Chicken curry, arrives spicy and rich, but not overwhelming, with firm, huge chilies that resemble peppers, in a sauce ideal for spooning over white steamed rice, which I ended up eating because you must use it to mop up all that gorgeous, yummie sauce.. you must! And if all that does not make your jaw drop, the climax of this spread should be the emergence of this one “lost dish” – a recipe long forgotten that Chef Korn managed to salvage from the depths of his inner chi, or something like that – the ‘Kaeng Hang Lae’ northern styled beef curry. So tasty you’d wish you ate less of everything else. But no.. not really. It’d make you wish you had an extra stomach. Yes, that’s more like it.


Photos at the Erawan Celebratory Lunch:


Sashimi Salmon Thai salad


Smoked ducked miang kum


‘Flying’ deep fried garoupa with special Thai pineapple sauce


Sauted prawns with lemongrass


Anan and Jo-ann give the opening remarks before the mini feast starts


Chef Trakool Yodsuk, a.k.a. Chef Korn


Grilled duck breast with crispy basil leaves


Top Clockwise – Mini fish cake burger with Thai sauce, Whole scallops topped with Erawan Thai styled sauce, Mini Croissant infused with Thai Pad Thai


Thai laksa with ‘khanom je en’ noodles served with thick and clear laksa broth


L – R Clockwise : Massaman premium lamb curry, Erawan beef panaeng curry, Chicken with spices curry, Lost food – ‘Kaeng Hang Lae’ northern styled beef curry


‘Luk Chup’ individually crafted fruit pieces made from mung beans


Caramelized black pepper and spiced apples served with vanilla ice-cream


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Erawan Classic Thai and Fusion
22-1 Jalan PJU 5/16,
Dataran Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: +603 61412393
Open until 3:00pm
Tue – Thu: 6:00pm -10:30pm
Fri – Sun: 12:00pm – 3:00pm; 6:00pm-10:30pm


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