guEST presents Bordeaux with Love !

With the launch of guEST by the BIG group, comes a fantastic Bordeaux Wine dinner, which we were really looking forward to..

Just last week, we were invited to be guests at guEST,  and the theme of the night was, Bordeaux With Love. A divine 5-course wine pairing menu, featuring some of the finest wines from Chateau de la Riviere, Bois Noir et Vieux Dominique was what awaited us that fine evening. This dinner was hosted by Sommelier Philippe Larche who himself, hails from Bordeaux.


If you have trouble figuring out where guEST is, you’re not alone! It’s actually a swanky, rather exclusive, private dining area located behind a sliding glass mirror, and you enter via BEAST, at the Intermark. And if you are wondering why it sounds familiar, it’s because EST is now guEST. I rather prefer the deco of the place now as well, which is sporting a much more contemporary vibe. guEST is the perfect venue for hosting a wine dinner for no more than say 20 pax, comfortably. It’s a small, sealed space – stylishly luxurious yet cosy enough as a venue for a first date – a rather nice nook in the city for a romantic dinner.


Sommelier Philippe Larche introduces the wines and the pairing..


Bordeaux with Love… 


First course was the Pan seared foie gras paired with the Chateau de La Riviere Blanc.

Well, well, God knows I love foie gras.. and here we were, our very first course and the delectable goose liver had already made an appearance. Coated in a nice nutty crumble and serve with poached pear, dark cherry and a white balsamic reduction, this starter was incredible, marred only ever so slightly by the fact that the foie gras was over-cooked. Paired with the Chateau de La Riviere Blanc,  each mouthful produced a nice hit of lemon and mineral notes. The wine had a nice texture and was fruity, floral, and a little peachy. Unfortunately the finish was a little short on this wine. No matter, we were rather looking forward to the next couple of wines, and what was in store for the night.


Chateau de La Riviere Blanc 2012


guEST, cosy and intimate.. perfect place for a first date;)


the extensive selection of premium wines at guEST


Up next, the Chateau Vieux Dominique 2011


Poached egg paired with the Chateau Vieux Dominique 2011

 Who can resist egg. Not me – not for breakfast, nor lunch and certainly not for dinner.

The perfect poached egg is a tricky one to crack. Whenever I am out, and egg is on the menu, I always order poached egg, as it’s such a treat to start the day with a thing of beauty, rather than the quick fix I normally prepare at home! Ah yes indeed.. the small pleasure of watching the golden yolk spill under my knife never grows old. But I could count the number of presentable examples that have come out of any kitchen, a sodden mess. Thankfully though, the one served at guEST, was textbook perfect!


This flavourful poached egg, served on a bed of buttery polenta, was heightened by truffle oil and freshly shaved parmesan. Paired with the Chateau Vieux Dominique 2011 I was pleasantly surprised that it paired well with the soft, round tannic wine which had an almost silky texture. The ruby red wine had a complex nose of raspberry, blackberry with notes of blackcurrant, as well as some spicy tones of pepper and cinnamon. It complemented the creamy, rich egg rather well.


Next up, the Chateau Puynard Tradition 2011.


The next course was my favourite for the night. The Grilled Lamb loin with brussel sprout slaw and brown mint jus was to die for. Normally I don’t like lamb as it has such a gamy taste. This grilled lamb was perfect – it had a texture that melted in your mouth, minus the gamy smell. It was also prepared the perfect medium rare and had such a deep flavour and succulence I was in 7th heaven! I found the wine a tad too aggressive for the lamb. The saving grace was the flavour of red fruit, which was refreshing. Other than that, the wine was high on acidity with firm, aggressive tannins leading to a bitter, rather dry finish.


Nope, this is not an optical illusion. It is in fact, the double magnum – 3L of pure Bordeaux bliss.. the Chateau de La Riviere 1988


Steak was up next.. and we were told to choose our condiments.. 


Smoked Char Jasper Grill of US Strip loin Beef, with tomato, Arugula salad and Truffle Hollandaise paired with the Chateau de La Riviere 2009..

What can I tell you – this Fronsac really hit the spot. It was definitely a delightful surprise from a less documented Bordeaux appellation. The notes from the cab grapes really balanced out the merlot’s silky hollowness. Loved the chalky, mineral aromas mixed with tart blackberry. The wine had a nice springy acidity that tempered the richness of the steak.  The wine was smoother after aeration.


Then it was time to uncork the double magnum…  the Chateau de La Riviere 1988 was ripe for the drinking! 


 we waited with bated breath to taste this vintage.. 

So, we learned that for a double magnum, one should decant the wine for at least 30 minutes. The Chateau de La Riviere 1988 had a gorgeous nose, that while showing a bit of its age, still remained youthful and expressive. Cumi said it was so mellow and smooth, he should have just drunk this wine all night!


Anyway, I loved the aromas of rich dark dried fruits, sweet cassis, dark plums but with a smoky lingering smell of leather, and some cedar. Beautiful aged, this wine displayed a good amount of dusty tannins and crisp acidity. With a medium length finish this wine was definitely beautifully mature and right in its prime window – we were so lucky to get to drink it. They really saved the best for last!


Paired with the final course, dessert of sweet dark chocolate pudding with vanilla ice-cream, I finished dinner with a huge smile on my face. What a remarkably exciting wine dinner. Will be looking forward to many more of these in the following months. guEST will certainly have a few more surprises in store, before the year is up!

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