Gobo Upstairs Unlimited Lunch for only RM50++

Upstairs Unlimited.

What exactly does that mean?

Well, a long time ago, Gobo Upstairs at Traders Hotel KL, used to have this unlimited lunch promo, something which they have now recently revived. Back by popular demand, lunch hour at Gobo Upstairs has never been more thrilling (especially for big eaters), because for just RM50++ you can eat till the cows come home, or till your boss calls to find out where the hell you are, which ever comes first. And at Gobo Upstairs, it’s all rather posh – ala carte buffet means that the courses will be served to you, at your table, one by one. There is 1 soup of the day, 1 salad of the day, 4 main courses, and 1 dessert to cap it all off. Upstairs Unlimited runs from Monday to Friday, between 12 noon and 2:30pm.


Unlimited Ribs.. would you take the challenge of finishing this 😛 

So, if you are really the sort who isn’t easily satisfied with just one round of anything, you could order repetitions of the course that you liked most. And if you want to have 5 bowls of soup of the day, so be it. Just wave your arm and the waiter will come and serve you, till you’ve OD-ed on soup of the day. But really, there’s no need for that, because the Main courses are awesome, and you would definitely want to save some space for that!


Salad of the Day

Yes, even rockstars like dining at Gobo Upstairs. With a promo like Upstairs Unlimited, who can blame ’em? It sounds too exciting to be true.


 Upstairs Unlimited – an unlimited view as well no doubt

Gobo Upstairs is casual smart and I was thinking of wearing something that I recently purchased from the collection of peplum tops at Zalora, but when I looked for it, I realized that my sister had borrowed it. She is always stealing all the cool outfits from my wardrobe. Gah. Never mind, something else will do for today, I suppose.


Soup of the Day

Anyway, once we settled into our seats, and ordered our drinks, the waiters brought out the first dish. Soup of the day this time round was a delicious cream of cauliflower soup. Drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and crispy croutons, definitely Rockstar worthy.


So, without a doubt, this has got to be the most generous lunch offer in town.


Braised Beef Ribs/ Roasted Potatoes

Succulent beef ribs, braised till the meat is falling off the bone, and paired with roasted potatoes – this was my favourite course.


Chicken Makhani/Biryani Rice

This  is a good one to go for, for rice lovers. The Briyani rice was cooked perfectly al dente – loved the bite, and it went great with the thick, rich, creamy gravy of the chicken Makhani.


Local Fish Papillotte

If you don’t fancy beef or chicken or rice, there’s always fish. Papillote reminds me of origami folding. This fish that was cooked “en papillote” -in a paper bag – emerge succulent and saturated with flavor. As it bakes, the steam causes the bag to puff up. The fish becomes infused with the flavors of tomato, capers, garlic, and lemon. Awesome stuff.


Shepherds Pie

Loved the shepherd’s pie. At this point I was already clutching my sides – no way can anyone have seconds and thirds by this point, surely?


hearty chunky minced beef, and smooth mash.. super addictive! 


Penne with Basil Tomato Sauce (vegetarian)

And for those who don’t eat meat, there is a healthy vegetarian option – the Penne in basil tomato sauce. Freshly prepared pasta, I liked the fact that it was served hot from the pan and not just left on the burner to get soggy.

Traders Hotel1

Dessert – Chocolate Eclair with mix berry compote

A new app we were toying around with called the Gobo Table Mat App 😛 See things from a different perspective using it – but only available at Gobo Upstairs !


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Traders Hotel,
Kuala Lumpur City Centre, KL.
Tel: +603 2332 9910
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Operating Hours
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