Let’s sup on International Favourites @ Gobo Chit Chat, Traders Hotel

Follow your nose, to the delicious International buffet at Gobo Chit Chat, at Traders Hotel KL..

We look around and the place is packed to the rafters. Not only that, the buffet counters are somewhat heaving under the weight of the variety of food.

I looked around and did a mental calculation of the dishes per station… with some (rather quick) arithmetic, I arrived at over 120 dishes on display.


And guess what.. I was right! It really was more than 120 dishes. Impossible to try everything, but we were certainly up to the challenge, of trying to make a dent in that number, at least.


And fans of Trader’s F&B outlets will be happy to know that Gobo Chit Chat is offering a special ‘International Buffet with Local Favorites’ dinner spread of traditional Malay cuisine from 1 July to 31 August 2013. Priced at RM98++, the buffet dinner is a real steal, and it is held daily, from between 6.30 to 10.30 pm.


So where does one start? Well, I always like to start with the appetizers of fresh garden herbs – a variety of tempting salads including the not-to-ne missed salad from the heart of the banana shoot to jambu air. Yes, with such a rich and massive spread, it is always good to line one’s stomach with vegetation first, if you ask me.


And you will notice that the traditional Malay dishes are plentiful, inspired by cuisine from all over the country, including Satay, Rendangs, grilled Ayam Percik, traditional Oxtail Soup, Laksa and the traditional home-made Kiuh Muih. For those who like the more international dishes there is an amazing selection of fresh Oysters, Crabs, Scallops, Sushi, Sashimi, a Carving station as well as Roast Lamb and beef to choose from.


Other great treats that you must not miss include the Asian Appetizers such as the Kerabu Ayam and Tauhu Sumbat. I do love a good Lemang Pulut & Ketupat Serunding Ayam and the one at Gobo Chit Chat is heavenly. For veggie lovers don’t miss the Ulam Pucuk paku, Daun Selom, Pucuk Pegaga and Kacang panjang, to be eaten with some super spicy chili concoctions i.e. the sambal belacan and the tempoyak.


long grain biryani rice.. heavenly aroma permeate from this pot! 


The Main dishes I particularly liked were the Nasi Beriyani, Ayam Rendang and the Pucuk Ubi Masak Lemak. For meat lovers don’t miss the Roasted Lamb served with turmeric rice, and finally if you’re looking for some healthy Japanese, check out the sushi and sashimi counters. For those who love their noodles, there’s an interesting dish of colored somen to try, as well as the hearty curry laksa.








live station- select your meat and seafood to be cooked 


Fish panggang


noodles station


this somen dish was delicious and cooked the perfect al dente too!


curry laksa


 sushi and sashimi


seafood selection that we polished off in no time


grilled scallops… yummie!


for durian lovers.. do not miss these two durian desserts – the pancake was stuffed with fresh durian flesh – totally awesome!


Malay kuih muih

I also found the light display at Gobo Chit Chat completely fascinating. Diners were actually treated to a kaleidoscope performance of colour animation, that was projected on to the ceiling, and accompanied by new-age music.


It’s all very chic and stylish and the expansive height of the curved hanging ceiling adds a distinct feeling of space. There are private booths, that sit 4 comfortably on the perimeter of the dining area, and the center was converted into long table style dining. Gobo Chit Chat is well ventilated and you will not leave smelling of roast lamb, which is a plus!

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