Father’s Day and the Backyard BBQ at Ben’s, Publika

No plans yet for Father’s Day? Take your Dad to the Backyard BBQ at Ben’s, Publika!

We just heard that there are some incredibly fun and mouth-watering things happening at Ben’s Independent Grocer, Ben’s General Food Store, Barn BBQ and Ben’s, over this weekend, at Publika.

If you like sampling food, and plan to stock up for your weekend party, then head down to Ben’s Independent Grocers on the 15th & 16th of June from 4pm to 6pm, where the emphasis will be on better cuts of meats, kebabs and vegetables. There will also be a display of essentials that will be needed for a perfect BBQ party.


So, here are some cool questions and games to play at any BBQ with your dad – You answer, then your dad answers..

Q: What is the funniest memory of your father?

(For me: Easy one! My dad was and still is the live wire and joker of any party. Whatever joke he cracks, the punchline is always delivered perfectly and will have friends guffawing and in stitches, non stop. Unlike my mom, who sometimes forgets the punchline (!), my dad is great at delivering the “OO-Ah factor” !)

Q: As a Father, what would you wish for your Children? (this one is for Dad to answer)

Q: What is the greatest lesson you’ve learnt from you father?

(To have an open house policy – and love thy neighbour. My father (well parents actually) have the gift of hospitality and caring for people, from all walks of life, that sometimes, nobody else wants to care for. I remember growing up, my home would always be filled with people – whether it be CG or close friends, or an impromptu makan get together, my house was always filled with laughter, and yes sometimes strange people!)

Q: Describe your perfect father’s day meal. (Dad’s question)


Well, OK, so Dad’s trivia questions aside, what can one expect this weekend at Ben’s?

To get more into the BBQ spirit, head over to Ben’s General Food Store and Barn BBQ for a specially-prepared BBQ-styled menu. For RM 150 for two pax, you will be in the company of Black Angus Sirloin, Lamb & Beef Merguez Sausages, Chicken Cheese Sausage, Half Roast Chicken, Roast Potatoes, Coleslaw, Corn-on-the-cob, desserts. Can you feel that top button popping yet?


On Saturday 15th June 2013, 12pm-10pm, on the eve of Father’s Day, Ben’s Publika will be hosting a Ben’s Backyard BBQ party where everyone can come and enjoy a laidback gathering and celebrate the big man in your life with burgers, steaks, corn-on-the-cob, root beer floats and more. There will be performances from finalists of the recently held Publika Live open mic competition. Coupons for Ben’s Backyard BBQ party at Ben’s Publika will be on sale at all BIG outlets including Ben’s Independent Grocer’s from 3rd June 2013 onwards in booklets of RM 50. Coupons can also be bought on the day itself. Get into the BBQ spirit and don’t forget to bring your appetite.. and your father, of course!


L-R : My dad (actual), my ahpa (adopted) and Dharm (somebody else’s rather cool father) ;P


too many dads burnt the BBQ? Nah.. was actually rather expertly cooked


no wonder dinner took so long.. they kept stopping to pose for photos :p


finally dinner is served!


Happy Father’s Day, Papa! xoxox

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