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Not too long ago, we were invited for the launch of Sheraton Macau Hotel at Sands Cotai Central, Macau, and some of the highlights of the event were the terrific people we met, and the eateries at the hotel – the most memorable being Xin.


Xin is the place to go, for the freshest seafood on the Cotai Strip. Under the leadership of talented Director of Kitchens, Chef David King, Xin’s cuisine has been transformed into something worth talking and writing about. A modern seafood hot pot restaurant of Asian influences with a healthy culinary respect of authentic flavors, Xin specializes in a number of signatures – Asian hot pot or steamboat styles, live seafood, Asian barbeque and Asian dumplings (aka. dimsum). Xin (from the chinese word Sun-Xin) literally translates as ‘freshness’, and so you would expect everything served here to have been alive and kicking just seconds before it was served up on a platter.


The Chinese Hotpot is of course the outstanding event at this restaurant but Xin also serves a mean iberico pork charsiew. Perfectly caramelized on the outside, and on the inside, white tender meat that’s full of flavour and fat, this Charsiew is hard to put down. Talk about decadent – this is obviously the Rolls royce of BBQ pork!


So once you’re done with the entrée it’s time to dig into the hotpot!


Well not all the soups are spicy so you can actually choose from a herbal based soup (mild) to Sichuan spicy (cathartic)!


Everything is served buffet style, so once you’ve selected your soup, you can go to the buffet counter and sort out your seafood, meat and even dipping sauces..


here’s our special concoction from the sauce counter – the secret ingredient is to add a dash of peanut sauce and tons of fried garlic and coriander! This is the dipping sauce to go with the meats in the hotpot.


a great place for chitchat and to grab a bite

This is a great place for ladies to gather around and dig into a range of fresh seafood that comprises many varieties of lobster, oysters, clams, prawns and more, whilst catching up on casino winnings and news for the day!


from intestine, liver and stomach, to the safer white meat.. you name it, they have it!

Luxury Hot Pots, like the Luxury Lobster Set or Luxury Kobe Set, are also available. And all these can go with any of the soups you might have selected – from signature Asian Soups, including Vietnamese Prawn Soup, Sichuan Hot and Sour Soup to Oxtail soup and herbal soups.


seafood galore – the best were the prawns the mussels and scallops


it gets busier as the night progresses


there is a chef at hand who carves the meat for the hot pot


super fresh stuff


endless helpings of pork, beef, lamb or chicken to choose from

Actually at Xin, it’s not just about the hotpot. You can even expand the experience with some Asian styled BBQ, including specialty beef, lamb, pork and duck. Innovative Dim Sum and Clay Pot Rice are also tempting options. Finish off an unforgettable meal with local desserts, ranging from Mango Pudding with White Chocolate Chantilly and Chinese Olives to Warm Chestnut and Chocolate Soup with Vanilla Ice Cream.


Chris making her special brew for the hotpot – super sweet seafood stock


I like mine spicy!


these are the key ingredients to making an ultra-sweet and tasty stock


you can tell how good the broth is getting by the murkiness of it


another highlight at Xin are the great cocktails.. the Mojitos are a must!


and if cocktails are not your thing, tea then


traditional chinese classical musicians – beautiful entertainment for the night

the lady in the vase! how ever does she get around?

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Happy reading!

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Level One, Shoppes at Cotai Central
Cotai Strip Taipa, Macau S.A.R.
Phone: +853 8113 1200
Opening hours : noon – 10.30pm





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