Fa-Ying great cocktails and Sandwiches!

Not just great.. but Bloody Fa-Ying Great Cocktails and Sandwiches at Fa-Ying, by Rama V!

Don’t ask the chef here, what sorcery he worked over the kitchen. Just ask him to weave his magic again on one of the crusty ciabatta sandwiches, and trust me, with meats flavoured the old-fashioned Thai way, you’ll be begging for more.


Thai Beef Sandwich in Nam Tok Style RM22

And don’t leave without a sip of the restaurant’s own favourite cocktail, the Marquessa, served in a fish bowl. Crunchy explosion of alcoholic cucumber and dragon fruit will have you guzzling this drink as if it were water. Be careful, the kick comes only towards the end, so don’t over do it.


Marquessa served in a fish bowl RM 100.00++

Whether it’s an authentic roasted Thai duck sandwich whipped up on-site, specially crafted crab cake burgers or succulent carnivorous chunks of beef in Nam Tok Style served in golden toasted ciabatta, Fa-Ying delivers some pretty wicked snacks, that complement an equally versatile ala carte menu.


Thai Crab Cake Burger RM20

Grinning Apsara dancers proffering entrancing gestures, grace the stone wall of this sleek, contemporary eatery. They are mascots for the modern Thai cuisine concocted within.


Sandwiches are nicely heaped with fresh vegetables and chicken, beef, or crab soaked in piquant Asian sauces.

Shoehorned into a clamorous block along the boulevard of Paradigm Mall, littered with many fast food joints, Fa-Ying is something of an anomaly.

Thai grub prepared with less grease and tons of fresh vegetables.


Roasted Duck Thai Sandwich RM20

Affable owners Andre and Danny, have taken the concept of the Thai duck salad, and added their own spin on it. It’s basically a healthy Thai meal stuffed into a crusty ciabatta sandwich. The ingredients are simple, and so is the place – but the taste is out of this world!


Other great cocktails and Thai tapas as well as mains include:


Grilled Scallops served with Spinach and Manow sauce RM16


Dory in Nam Tok Style (Tapas) RM14




Grilled Tenderloin with Green Curry RM42


rosy and pink.. the perfect medium rare


the hugeass Absolut Tower that comes in 5 varieties – Ribena Lemon, Tropical Thai, Orange Sunrise, Cranberries and Sour Apple RM 90.00++


Wednesdays are free cocktails for ladies all day! The Princess Mojito and The Dragon, rotate every week on Wednesdays. Starts 12pm till late


Cod served with Manow Sauce RM42


See you there next Wednesday.. Says Bob magic drink maker!



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