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Happy #traveltuesday folks! Here is my pal, Dave and his riveting Travel Tip on “Photographs that fill you with emotion”. Try and ask yourselves, what these photos mean to you.

Why do photographs fill us with emotion? Is it the memory of a place we have been? Are we filled with inspiration when we see places we’ve not been? Or, does capturing a human emotion on a camera transfer to us too?

The following 5 travel photographs from my collection evoke “special” emotion in me whenever I look at them. They contain my memories. However, at the time, when I was there, the scene also filled me with emotion too.

Now for the interesting part. If a photograph can deliver emotion to a viewer without them knowing the scene, then they’ve done their job well. So do the following photographs evoke any emotion in you?

1. Golden Temple, India.

The scene: The number one tourist photograph in India people talk about is the Taj Mahal. I thought so too, until I visited the Golden Temple.

What it means to me: When I see it, I remember coming around a corner and being blown away by its incredible glow. I’d just crossed the border from Pakistan and found the Sikhs chanting to very relaxing.

What does the photograph mean to you?

2. Throng Pass, Nepal

5416 metres (17769 ft) - Nepal

The scene: At 5416 meters (17769 ft) the Throng Pass is the top of the famous Annapurna Circuit in Nepal.

What it means to me: I crossed in early January, at -21 degrees or with a wind chill -40. I was wearing thin African combats and two layers on top. One of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

What does the photograph mean to you?

3. Flash Flood Refugees, The Philippines:

Flash Flood Refuges - The Philippines

The scene: A girl seeing there was no more food available at a temporary refugee camp in Mindanao, The Philippines.

What it means to me: What you don’t see in this photograph are the hundreds of others around the area too. Nor do you see the mini buses filled with rice and clothes that “certain” not from the affected area took away.

What does the photograph mean to you?

4. Tarsier, The Philippines

Tarsier from Bohol, Philippines

The scene: When I first saw the Tarsier I was filled with amazement. I’d never been so close to a creature so unusual like that. Later I found out how endangered this creature is and how the government have done very little to protect it.

What does the photograph mean to you?

5. Khyber Pass, Pakistan.

Khyber Pass Pakistan

The scene: I’d had accomplished a life dream of making it to the infamous Kyber Pass. The place legends such as Alexander the Great, and Gengis Khan came through.

What it means to me: This was during Emergency rule in Pakistan. I was alone. A few month earlier a German arms dealer had been quartered for selling arms near there. Two days previously a Turkish man was kidnapped there. The route has since been closed to this day.

What does the photograph mean to you?

A photograph can mean a lot to the person taking it. There’s always a story there. But it’s interesting to know what people think of the photographs without knowing the story behind them. What are your emotional first time impressions of them?


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