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Fa Ying by Rama V, is the latest addition to Paradigm Mall, PJ. The name which means celestial princess in Thai, is a perfect match for this contemporary Thai restaurant with a feminine touch. Maybe it’s the striking trademark fuchsia pink seats against stark black deco that pushes all the right buttons (and I do have an affinity for pink), but I love it the minute I walk into the restaurant. The vibe is trendy and cool, definitely a place to be seen on the weekends, and practical enough for a quick lunch on working days as a well.


And there is no mistaking that it is indeed, Fa Ying by Rama V, because when you step into the main dining area, you will see the massive sand stone sculpture of the Apsara dancers and it might jog your memory that you’ve seen them before in Rama V, KL. The branding of Fa Ying is different, yet tied in nicely with the original restaurant.

And so now, you have the Thai Trinity – Rama V, KHAO, and Fa Ying. Things are looking rosy for the Rama V Group, that’s for sure.


And I was somewhat thrilled, that just like the deco, the menu at Fa Ying is nothing like Rama V’s. It consists mainly of contemporary Thai dishes which are delicious and great looking as well. Dining here has a very yuppie feel about it. If Rama V was the serious bigger brother, then Fa Ying would be the whimsical younger sister. And the food is nothing to sniff at. Great in presentation as well as flavours – the Thai Tapas are wonderful creations of the Chef at Fa Ying. We think that kids and adults alike would love it – not too spicy at all, modern and fun, and easy enough to eat.


Thai Watermelon Salad


Thai Tomyam Cocktail

Though the food is still pretty much a work in progress, it tastes great, and the other thing to look out for here are the Thai-inspired cocktails that are spicy and sassy.. just like the princess Fa Ying!


(Anti clockwise) Lemongrass Basil, Sex on Koh Phi Phi Beach, Thai Tom Yam, The Elephant Eye, Mango Thai Pandan

Watch out for the chili padi in some of the cocktails.. I personally love the spicy kick – it lifts the cocktail to a new level! Of course not all the cocktails have chili in it and you can ask for the mild ones, if you like.


Thai Crab Cakes

Soft and moist and full of crab meat – these Thai Crab cakes are a fine work of art. Love the cuboid structure too.


Thai Minced Beef served on cucumber

The flavour in the mince beef reminds me of the Lap Mu, but this is beef instead. The cucumbers help cool down the mouth – when you bite into them, they explode with cucumber juice – a real thirst quencher. A fun dish that children would love too and it’s not even spicy.


Roasted Duck Paper Rolls

Tasty rolls that remind me of the Vietnamese goi cuon. Again this should be a huge hit with the kids.


Thai Chicken Sate

Easy to eat satay sticks – only high quality, tender, lean meat and not as oily as the average satay. Served with a peanut cum peri-peri sauce, it takes every ounce of willpower not to drink up the sauce! Again, an extremely kid friendly dish.


Pomelo Salad

This is my second favourite salad, after the watermelon salad (third photo). The watermelon salad pairs so well with little crumbly bits of feta cheese and thai herbs. This pomelo salad is generously peppered with prawns – a great one for prawn and pomelo lovers.


Pasta with Thai Green Curry Pesto

Love the fact that Fa Ying serves pasta and sandwiches. The sandwiches are still a work on progress so we will definitely be going back for these.


Pasta with River Prawns in Chu Chee style

It’s had to stifle a sigh of appreciation as you bite into this pasta dish. It’s infused so deeply with that river prawn roe aroma, you just can’t put it down. Apart from the big bonus of a prawn sitting on top of the pasta, the dish is also booby-trapped with river prawn chunks. Totally awesome. I would have preferred all my pasta cooked al-dente though.


Cod Fish served with Manow sauce

This was the only dish that was so-so for me. I felt the crust needed to be seared longer and needed more salt.


Deep Fried Garoupa with Mango Salad

Another must have is the Deep Fried Garoupa with Mango Salad. The fish sits on top of potato wedges and it comes with a dipping sauce (spicy) and also a sour mango salad. Crispy, flaky, yet succulent, I’d order this fish dish anytime, over the Cod.

Well, contemporary cuisine can often look very different from the traditional, and in many cases, you might not even know what type of food you’re eating unless the menu says so. And while there’s certainly nothing wrong with trying something new with a restaurant, I always prefer modern food that keeps its eyes on the past. And to me, Fa Ying does that. The food is exactly what you expect from Thai cuisine, but it’s been updated to accommodate more contemporary palates. It all comes together to create a truly unique dining experience that many customers are sure to remember for quite some time.

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Fa-Ying By Rama V,
Boulevard, Paradigm Mall,
(further down from TGIF and
opposite Bulgogi Brothers),
Paradigm Mall,
47301 Petaling Jaya,
+60 3-7451 2933


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