BBQ Sundays at The Bee, Publika

Rub a dub dub.. give me a messed up dog.

The process of making a good BBQ, is textbook easy. You char up some jalapeños, slap on some slinky layers of sirloin, with just enough fat, and to it, add that magic secret sauce marinade. You could start the recipe in the morning and cook that night, or you could start it right now and be eating in less than half an hour. The admonition to let the meat sit in the marinade overnight is the stuff of fussiness. If you are hungry, get cooking. The secret marinade can even be slapped on after the meat has been grilled. This is the fun, and the convenience of the barbie. And soon you will be able to sink your teeth into that Lomito Steak Sandwich, that’s been sizzling all evening.


Lomito Steak Sandwich

Once you’ve cooked the steak and put it aside to rest, grill a bunch of soft tacos or bread.. nice and smoky, then pile them into a dish towel to keep warm on the table. Then there is the matter of a Messed Up Dog. Flame grilled long, plump homemade sausages, topped with beef bacon, mayo and crushed potato chips.. and for a vegetal contrast to the meat, slash on tomatoes, slaw, a pile of scallions with olive oil, sprinkle them with salt and pepper, then grill them tender. Squirt these with lime, stick the entire lot between two soft, fluffy hotdog breads, and serve piping hot to the waiting hungry diners.


the messed up dog


catch the action.. live!


sizzle, sizzle.. !

This is BBQ Sundays at The Bee, Publika.


The Bee Publika.. packed to the rafters, with young, good looking people.. all hungry for the barbie 😛


Rub a dub dub.. give me a messed up dog.



How messy can you get? The messier.. the BETTER!


succulent sirloin for the Lomito Steak Sandwich


Prawns on the grill, for the Mixed Carnitas Soft Tacos


The Executive Chef of The Bee – Chef Miguel Hokama, cooking up a storm


Sous Chef – Jabba.. nicest smile in town!


Mixed Carnitas Soft Tacos – chicken and prawn, capsicums, homemade cajun spices and pineapple


lamb barbacoa soft tacos – lamb marinated in chimichuri sauce, onions, jalapenos


sweet corn on the corb


Talk about packed to the rafters on the weekends…


And for RM15.. of course it is! A real steal! (5pm onwards on a Sunday)


A DJ spins cool choons.. and the food keeps piling up.. There’s only one thing left to do.. eat, and eat and EAT!

The BBQ Sundays take place once every month, and the next BBQ Party is on the 18th of November, BUT it will be held at THE BEE, Jaya One this time round. The Bee will be partnering with local t-shirt makers Pestle & Mortar and we’re pretty sure it’s gonna be a fun one! Don’t forget to check it out!

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32B Level G2, Publika,
Solaris Dutamas,
Jalan Dutamas 1, KL.
Opening times: Mon-Thur, 10am-12midnight;
Fri-Sat, 10am-1am; Sun, 10am-4pm



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