Le Dalat Indochine @ Soi 23 Sukhumvit, Bangkok

There’s nothing as yummie as Thai food in Thailand rite?

Well, not only does Bangkok do amazing Thai.. it also does SPECTACULAR Vietnamese and Japanese and etc.. etc.. too.
It must boil down to the freshness of the raw materials that they use, that is so readily available in Thailand.

Introducing LE DALAT. Soi 23 Sukhumvit. My all time favourite Vietnamese place in Bangkok!


It’s a quaint house in the city… just off the main Sukhumvit Road.

The inside of the house is rustic and warm.. makes you wanna tarry… and tarry a while longer .. 😉

We take one look at the menu… and we are totally gobsmacked… where to start? I wanna order it all! Spring rolls are my fav.. and so we start with them!
After the spring rolls, there was no stopping us man…
Dish after dish was served…. The river prawns were divine… so fresh i was reaching for my anti-histamines… bloody exquisite.

It really was.

We were nearing the final leg of the run… but the good stuff just kept right on coming…. oooh… sweet, sweet surrender…

Take me clubbing… quick… i need to work off the calories 😛

Food: 8/10
MSG levels:low
Sugar levels : high
Price: High!

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