After Ate @ The Intermark, KL

The specialty at After Ate, a popular, ingeniously realized niche restaurant is dessert and dessert only. At After Ate, most of the action takes place in the kitchen, where the pastry chef and assistants, whip up their creations – decadent chocolate mousse and cake tempered with sweet strawberries, melting yumminess of fromage – cheesecake topped with macadamias and caramel, dense chocolate truffle torte of bittersweet chocolate on a shortcrust base and even tasty classics like madeleines and mini scones.


And if those are too run of the mill for you then check out specialty items on the menu such as the Postre Chaja – a popular South American sponge cake lled with mango, salted peanuts, fresh cream and meringue; the Bomb Alaska pistachio parfait on a vanilla sponge base, covered with meringue and torched, sprinkled with chopped pistachio; or the Estate Mess – a mess of meringue chunks, fresh fruits, fresh cream and orange jelly served with a quenelle of raspberry sorbet.


Oh and the best way to enjoy desserts is with champagne of course – I mean, if you’re going to indulge yourself, might as well go the whole hog. At After Ate, it is rumored that 2 bottles of Veuve Cliquot goes for RM380. It would be a sin to not drink the blessed bubbly at this joint, don’t you think?

On weekend nights, After Ate is filled with trendy people with a a sweet tooth, so if you need group therapy, you know where to come. After Ate could also be a sexy place for first dates, social gatherings, after-work drinks, or any night out on the town.

That Night, our AA session commenced After Ate (eight) p.m.


We came dressed in our alter ego attitude best. There was ‘Huge’ Jackman, Dr Strangeluv Mc Slippyfist, Dark Invader, Monica Bellucci, .. all seeking rehabilitation..


Didn’t know she was AA!

And this is what we had for group therapy..


Test Tube Drinks of Lemon Meringue Pie, Espresso Brownie & Apple Pie (non-alcoholic)


Amuse bouche – Passion fruit Granita, Earl Grey Tea, paired with Veuve Cliquot Gelee


perfect pairing – tangy and not too sweet at all, I loved this course


Appetizer – Charred strawberries saffron gelee, vanilla cream, freeze dried strawberry meringues, paired with Gin, Jasmine Lemon Sour Champagne Grapefruit peel


Entree – Seared Foie Gras paired with a Rambutan Martini


the rambutan martini and “Dark Invader”


Dessert – Milo Kulfi, Pound Cake, Chili Caramel, Dehydrated Milk Cloud, paired with a Whisky Clove Pomelo Sour


Petite Fours – Lychee Rose Pate De Fruit, Edible Paper Packet, Chocolate Caramel Glass, Kaya baby Macaron with Tea or Coffee


Then it was time to paint the town… chocolate!


Each table got busy with paint brushes and melted chocolate.. and works of art were born!


Ta-dah! My table’s gorgeous piece.. but I had nothing to do with it 😛


We are AA.. are you?


More voluntary AA goers


Yes indeed, After Ate is the perfect place for novices and connoisseurs alike, to explore and play in the alluring world of Champagne and desserts. Highly recommended you check yourself in for some therapy ASAP!

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If you’re a sweet-tooth, give our FB page some SUGAR!

After Ate
Ground Floor
The Intermark
182 Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur
Open 3pm till late
+6 03 2163 5732


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