Winners of The Celcom Cupcake Challenge @ Publika

The Results are Out!

Yesterday, at Publika KL, the finalists of the Celcom Cupcake challenge competed in the grand finale for the most coveted prizes, culminating in a most exciting outcome.

The winners of the Celcom Cupcake Challenge are…


Winner: Vincent Liew (4th from right)

1st runner up: Juneci Siong (2nd from right)
2nd runner up: Mac Leong (2nd from left)

Champion Vincent at work

Champion Vincent at work.. note the intense concentration and the beads of perspiration!

Winning Entry by Vincent Liew.. midway, before the finishing touches were added

The winners of the celcom cupcake challenge were picked based on the most creative cupcake designs based on the 1Malaysia theme. It was such a rocking success that the contest was eventually extended till the 23rd september. In total, over 700 entries from 664 unique participants were received for the celcom cupcake challenge. The winners were chosen based on creativity, uniqueness, best decorated and the ones that closest matched their submitted online entries.


at the event at Publika, many participated and tried their hand at fashioning the best looking cupcake

The 1st prize was 10k cash and a samsung sIII mobile phone, the 2nd prize was 5k cash and a samsung sIII, and finally the 3rd prize was 2k cash and a samsung sIII. Alongside that, 97 participants with the most likes receive a LG Prada mobile phone each and 564 other participants receive a RM200 voucher that can be used at any bluecube outlet in Malaysia.

Judges deliberating

A big thanks to the cool Judges, Chef Rose Weiss, Chef Sherson Lian and Chef Dato’ Fazley Yaakob for their hard work in working through the entries and selecting the winners for the celcom cupcake challenge.


More photos of the Celcom Cupcake Challenge Event at Publika!


decorating is fun and easy..

Celebrity chef Dato Fazley Yaakob performed his latest hit

Celebrity chef Dato Fazley Yaakob performed his latest hit

Ypungest participant

the youngest participant


Get baking Malaysia!

Sample work 2

Samples of cupcakes

Sample work

I love Malaysia!


The event was a rocking success! Well done to all those involved!


All photos courtesy of my pal, missyblurkit


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