Steamboat at Chef Choi

Beloved by many Malaysians, a steamboat is a tureen of stock that’s kept simmering at the table, and friends and family gather around to dine on food that has been painstakingly prepared, with much love.

The Steamboat at Chef Choi is so pretty to look at that one cannot but stop to admire, the food that’s laid out on the table. Watching the dishes sit so serenely in front of us.. is like observing the calm before the storm. Once we move in on the food, the feast will be like a hurricane in full force – sweeping up the food and sucking it into our stomachs!


lots of goodies for the steam boat.. matzusaka beef, sliced iberico pork, spanish milk lamb, fresh crystal prawn, fresh meat crab, fresh sliced fish, fish balls, prawn balls, deep fried bean curd skin, small noodles, glass noodles, fish noodles

Here at Chef Choi, only the best stock is used for the broth and to it, we add seafood, meatballs, fish, and meats, which are dipped into the broth to cook, then eaten.


one by one they go into the “hot bath”

Chef Choi has a huge range of side dishes and consistently good, fresh ingredients, from simple cuts of meat to authentic Malaysian staples like fish balls and the famous deep fried bean curd skin. I find this as addictive as french fries!

I particularly love the thinly sliced slivers of matzusaka beef, sliced iberico pork and spanish milk lamb, riddled with fat, as I do love my red meats, and there’s a good selection of fish and crabs as well. Throw caution to the winds and cook your matzusaka beef rare .. and dip this into the signature chili sauce if you like it spicy.. but only sparingly.. or not at all. Chef says that he highly discourages the use of sauces as the meats are so tasty and the broth already full of flavour. There is no need to distract from the meat at hand. I am inclined to agree. I ignore my sauce the entire night.


first the balls and fish noodles..

Steamboat at Chef Choi is not a place to choose if you’re in a hurry, but great fun for families and groups. It is also the best place to catch up with old friends and have a nice long chat over dinner.


then the meats.. this is the Iberico pork..


the matzusaka beef has a terrific marbling..


it should not be overcooked.. just two or three quick dips into the hot soup, and it’s ready to go!


meat crabs have humongous claws.. meaty, sweet and succulent flesh is the prize enclosed beneath that tough shell exterior


prawns loaded with roe.. the head is the best part, so give it a good suck!


the food tastes as good as its presentation.. this fresh fish is really fresh and sweet


the super addictive deep fried bean curd skin.. tasty like french fries

The best part of the meal is that as the night progresses, the stock gets more intense in flavour and sweetness, from all the succulent ingredients that have slowly been cooking in it. As the grand finale, vegetables are added (we add this last so it does not change the flavour of the soup) along with either the egg noodles or the glass noodles, and this soaks up the soup and has a nice spring to it.

Chef Choi’s steamboat is to die for. This is one type of dinner, I do not mind sweating over!


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