Heavenly Spa, by Westin

this is a place
where scents free the mind
melodies inspire the spirit
and massage nourishes the soul
this is a place where your senses are your guide
in this place, everything else falls away
and all that’s left is you


Amidst the palmetto lined boardwalks,
winding through lush gardens, serene
fountains and enchanting lagoons
rests a heavenly oasis.

On the third day in Beijing, we were scheduled to check out The Westin’s spa.. aptly called the Heavenly Spa. They are famed for hydrotherapy massages, employing ancient Chinese-inspired treatments. This spa has a list of therapies and treatments for you to choose from. So depending on how fatigued you are, you should select the treatment that best suits you.

When we arrived at the spa, we were told to observe some simple steps to help us unwind.


We were told to follow these tips to receive the full benefits of the Heavenly Spa by Westin..

take time

We were told to give ourselves plenty of time to enjoy the steam, sauna or whirlpool prior to the massage services. This was meant to relax and warm the muscles, and aid in the therapeutic benefits of the massage treatment.


heavenly feet pampering!


soak your feet on a tub of hot stones


We were told to take a quick shower just before our massage to help was off any chemicals, salts, minerals or impurities that could potentially clog pores when mixed with the essential oils used in our aromatherapy massage.


the luxurious pressure-points shower.. it will blast your aching muscles from all angles!


or you can lie in this hydro-massage bed that also hits the right pressure points


aromatherapy oils for the massage – take your pick from spicier scents, to more herbal/floral scents

the treatment

We were asked to state our preference for either single rooms, or the double room for couples. The treatment is conducted in perfect zen conditions – piped music, the tranquil aroma of incense fills the room, while you enjoy your aromatherapy deep tissue massage for 1.5 hours. You start off with a stimulating foot reflexology, then move on to the massage table.


double room for couples


twin sitting – foot reflexology area


The washing of feet first.. followed by foot reflexology..


Cumi getting his pressure points looked at, during the foot reflexology!


Prior to the start of our service, we were told to tell our therapist the areas we wanted them to focus on, and any areas to be avoided. Communication is the key to getting what you want out of the spa experience and our masseuse kept asking us if the massage was “too hard” or “not hard enough”. In the course of the massage, lactic acid and other toxins are released from the muscles and we were told to expect some soreness for up to a few days. For me though, the massage was not hard enough. Hardly scratched the surface – but I guess I’m used the the rather hardcore, deep tissue sort of massage, if you know what I’m saying!

let go

Close your eyes and allow your mind to be free. Breathe deeply and let the tension slip away with each breath. Remember, this is time for you to clear your mind of all worries.



Guests are required to schedule their appointment a day in advance to ensure that their preferred treatment or therapist is available. Preferences for male or female therapists should be requested at the time of the booking. For the optimal experience, they recommend that you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time so that you may relax and enjoy our luxurious locker room and relaxation lounge amenities. At the point of registration, you are given some hot tea, as well as a heated neck brace, to warm up your shoulders – to facilitate in the massage that you will be getting later. Heating up the muscles mimics a warm up, and makes the nerves and tissues more receptive to the treatment.


the super attentive staff serving us tea


filling up our forms explaining if we have any injuries and enjoying the heated neck brace – be warned, though that the heated neck brace gets so hot that we had to take it off to cool down, then put it back on again. We had to do this repeatedly. I think there are hot stones inside – it was very stimulating and felt great actually!


The Heavenly Spa, by Westin is the winner of many accolades


When it’s all over, sit back and relax, and feel like the boxing/rock/rap star that you are! LOL


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