Workshop 1 – Hot Seats with Problogger, on Green Island

It’s not all play and no work!

Here we are on Green Island, thanks to Great Adventures..

CCFoodTravel at the Problogger workshop

Before I get to go out and catch a spot of snuba, I first need to be in the HOT SEAT!
Workshop 1: Hot Seats
We have to introduce our blog for 3-4 minutes each.
We had to prepare:
  • Why/when you started?
  • What the blog is about?
  • Why you run it (your goals)?
  • Who reads it?
  • What biggest challenge/problem/question is that you’d like the groups help on?
Darren Rowse of Problogger, in action
darren rowse of problogger
15 minutes will be spent looking at our blog and giving feedback, suggestions, critique etc.
So far it’s been great. Loads of good tips on how to improve our blogs. Here are the other bloggers, and we are all taking our turns on the hot seat.. fun fun FUN! 🙂
  • Rebecca Cooper (Canada) of Simple as That
  • Tsh Oxenreider (USA) of Simple Mom
  • Chantelle Ellem (Australia) of Fat Mum Slim
  • Katja Hentschel (Germany) of
  • Stuart Flatt (UK) of Average Joes Blog
  • Kara Williams (USA) of The Vacation Gals
  • Jodi Friedman (USA) of MCP Actions
  • Jackie Hutchings (UK) of Scubadviser
  • Elizabeth Hooper Alton (USA) of PolicyMic

Later, we get to walk the clean, smooth sea floor with Seawalker., an exhilarating experience on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef – imagine walking on the sea floor (not on an artificial pontoon), and COMPLETELY SURROUNDED by colourful fish and coral!! Then, we fly back on a helicopter to the main land… super duper!

So, if you’re curious to see more, check out my photos via Twitter @agentcikay hastag #Qldblog; @Queensland, and will be updating Facebook too at CCFoodTravel!

Load of fun in the sun with Tourism Queensland today!

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