Petite Millie at 1 Utama

Today I want to talk about Petite Millie.

Petite Millie is an extension of the flagship restaurant Millesime, located in Menara Kencana Petroleum in the Solaris Dutamas area. The Petite Millie name bears the meaning ‘Little Millesime’. Whilst Millesime started off as more of a “private kitchen” with no fixed menu, and eating only the chef’s recommendation, Petite Millie has more of an informal bistro air about it. It still boasts of some interesting French-influenced cuisine using the freshest seasonal ingredients, though not as high end as Millesime. It is targeted at the walk-in customers of 1 utama.


Poutine Cheek – the deadly 6 hour braised beef cheek , cheese and truffle oil.. eat it and weep!

If there is one great thing that anybody should trudge over the Petite Millie to eat, that would be the Poutine.

A gloppy, caloric layering of French fries, fresh cheese curds (a byproduct of cheddar making) and gravy, poutine goes deep into the Quebequois psyche. Somehow, Quebec’s rural roots, its split identity (Acadian farmers or Gallic gourmets..) and its earthy sense of humor are all embodied by its unofficial dish. Yes Chef Max Chin, the man behind Petite Millie has this French Canadian specialty, a heart-stopping, gut-busting treat that somehow manages to out-do American fast food, executed with great finesse. Greasy, rich and meaty, this is the best thing on the menu. Also, at Petite Millie, they are a bit classier and use grated cheese instead of curds.


Yeah, me and my colleagues were thrilled with this extremely stick-to-your-ribs concoction, and according to the myth, in 1957 a restaurateur named Fernand Lachance, when asked by a customer to combine fries and cheese curds, said it would make “une maudite poutine” — an unholy mess. All this was pre-gravy. Another restaurateur, Jean-Paul Roy of Le Roy Jucep, claims to have first served fries with gravy and curds in 1964.. and thus the REAL Poutine was birth.

I am paying the price now. I really feel the need to burn off all these cheesy bits asap. Poutine has left me in an unholy mess.


c’est une bonne vie! – avocado and crab tarte flambée

This hot baked tart with creme fraiche was dry, lacking in flavour and we would have liked more crab on it. The next time, I think I’m going to go for the Field Mushroom potpourri. I saw it going by and it looked divine.


the well lit and modern interior of Petite Millie


Bourguignonne style beef bavette


The Bourguignonne style beef bavette was a huge hit at our table. The Bavette is the type cut of beef and is essentially Angus flank. The Bourguignonne is a beef stew and if you are wondering why it sounds so familiar, you have that movie to thank. Yes that’s right, with the success of “Julie & Julia” in movie theaters, and Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” storming best-seller lists, boeuf bourguignon — the film’s slow-braised culinary centerpiece is constantly cited for its authenticity. Many of my friend were attempting to cook it after that movie I tell you. Totally nuts – I couldn’t see what that whole craze was about.

But here at Petite Millie, I am beginning to understand actually.. The Bourguignonne style beef bavette served at Petite Millie is a delicious, cartilaginous, soft and succulent cut of beef shank braised in shallots and mushrooms served on a bed of mash. You must order this!


tartine sandwich – In the Name of Chartucerie!

Another interesting item on the menu, is the tartine. Tartine is an open-face sandwich layered with cuts of chicken pastrami, beef pepperoni and pickles on a slice of buttered country bread. The meats were tasty enough but we found the bread rather dry bordering on hard. This was just an OK sandwich for me.

Since this area is so close to my office, we will definitely be back to check out the other dishes as we didn’t have much time try everything. So far so good.. great to know that so many new and interesting restaurants are opening up, this part of town!

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Petite Millie
Lot LG146 , Ground Floor
1 Utama Shopping Centre
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7732 0395



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