Penang’s Famous Sweet Dessert.. Apom Manis


Penang‘s Famous Sweet Dessert, known as the ‘Apom Manis’ is one of the best I have ever eaten. Located on Kuching Street, Pulau Tikus, just outside the New Cathay coffeeshop, this Indian man has been selling his sweet Apom since 1974. His father’s secret recipe is what keeps patrons coming back for more, and I totally agree. For RM3 you can get 6 pieces of Apom Manis. This is one of the best Apom I have eaten to date. Never had a softer, fluffier, more eggy apom in my life! Some types of apom have a harder crumbly texture, but this one when served piping hot and fresh was literally flaking and tearing off at the seams.. it was that billowy soft. Fly-away-apom I like to call it. And the characteristic puffed up center is sweet, eggy and soft. If clouds in the sky had a texture, it would be like this apom here.

Apom Manis itself is a common snack in Penang, that resembles crepes, popular for breakfast or just as a light dessert. Apom or Apam is originally an Indian food from Tamil Nadu; in the old days only the Indian Tamil would sell Apom in Penang. The locals called it Apom Manis. This fluffy dessert is made of the simplest of ingredients – sugar, egg, coconut milk and flour. The mixed flour batter is pour into small clay pots(but now some use mini woks) to form thin and crispy sides encircling a thick and puffy center. Me and my colleagues like to have it after breakfast.. imagine how stuffed we can get, just by mid morning! Besides the apom manis’ tastiness, one of the reasons to visit this stall is to witness the preparation process. The apom manis here are still made according to a century old tradition, using charcoal stove instead of gas heated steel pots.

I know that there are many famous Apom stalls in Penang, but this one remains my favourite. It’s all just a matter of taste after all, isn’t it? Highly recommended!



Charcoal stoves for the best tasting, traditionally made apom


stack them mini-woks high


coal embers


this guy has fast hands.. he moves quickly flipping and turning his apom till they are the perfect golden brown


billowy pillows of soft, delicious apom


the famous stall parked at the side of New Cathay Coffeeshop, on Pulau Tikus, Penang


This place is packed for breakfast


Penang’s Famous Apom Manis,
Kedai Kopi New Cathay
Lorong Kuching
off Jalan Burma
10350, Pulau Tikus
Business hours: 7.30am – 3pm daily


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