The Haute Food Co.

You’re probably going to walk by it the first time. Because from all you’ve already heard, this couldn’t be the place it looks like.. one more brick-walled bakery joint with first-come-first-served seating (limited seats inside) and an equally cramped el fresco area outside.

But there’s that quixotically intriguing hand written lunch menu, that only makes an appearance around 11am. If you get there in the late morning and sit around long enough, you will see the waiter writing the new “specials” on the board. And naturally, you’re soon in danger of ordering nothing and spending the late morning tearing into the insidiously addictive cakes and breads and several cups of espresso’s . Put the dessert fork down. You don’t want to miss the yummy beef bacon tart, the salmon quiche, the perfectly smoky roast beef sandwich, a creamy plate of carbonara pasta, a tasty splash of pumpkin, mushroom, barley soup nor a funkily stringy and cheesy lasagna about to make it’s debut on the ‘specials’ board. If you can, keep walking, and let someone who truly understands good food sit down and have lunch here instead;)


roast beef sandwich


beef tart


pumpkin, mushroom, barley soup


chicken salad


beef carbonara


espresso, cappuccino and flat whites.. to while the afternoon away…


banana bread pudding


almond croissants


banana cake



One of my all time favourite lunching places is The Haute Food Co. in Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas. The food is fab and they get the coffee right too. Nice and strong.. just how I like it. If you come here on a lazy quiet afternoon, you might just find me, tucking into a huge plate of something, or something. Then it will be time to dash off to my next appointment.

Happy Hols and thank God it’s the weekend!


The Haute Food Co.
H-0-2, Block H
Plaza Damas
60, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6201 3168
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