Schmidt, Metz, Leica, Jawbone, Artisan, YikeBike, Ciclotte…

… those were the new friends we made on 1.11.11 !


We were at Avenue K to join in the revelry for the launch of Schmidt Marketing’s flagship showroom. Boy, were we in for a wild party of music, sexy dancers, fast cars, gourmet food and luxury gadgets! Of course, the event needed to be kept afloat with a healthy dose of champagne, specialty wines and various cocktails.

Schmidt Wine Champagne

These beauties were amongst the guests…

ferrari maserati

Schmidt is well known for marketing and distributing premium photography brands in the Asia Pacific. This new showroom at the entrance of Avenue K provides them the opportunity to showcase the other luxury goods under their belt.

Schmidt Showroom

Entertainment for the evening.. a beatbox kid named Shawn Lee , Dennis Lau the violinist extraordinaire, dancers and a DJ.

Food drinks dancer people

New to the Malaysian market is the exclusive Made-in-Germany line of LED television, Metz. An entry level Metz will probably give you the budget for 6 regular 40″ LED TVs! Below pic, a 3D model with a really cool and comfy wrap-around 3D glasses.


The Men In Black from Germany who shared with Cumi the superiority of Metz 3D LED TVs and why Milla Jovovich looks even more stunning with their technology.

Metz Men in Black

The World’s smallest, lightest electric bike, YikeBike, developed by the Kiwis. Made of carbon fibre, its lightweight (10+kg) and the designers have made it foldable for easy transport. This mini penny farthing with reversed handlebars and ‘UFO’ LED lights looks uncomfortable and unstable but after a few test runs, I got the hang of it. You’ll need a larger space than the showroom to get around. It speeds up to 25km/h. You won’t be able to do a Tour de France with it but you’ll definitely turn more than a few heads. To take one home, it’ll set you back about RM15XXX – chump change really.


Fearful of pedestrians and motorists but need the exercise? Ciclotte, the Italian ‘steed’, is here to make you sweat in style. Just like riding the bull by its horns. We joked with the Schmidt peeps they should replace the handle bars with a cow skull… they weren’t amused. How about a gold plated cow skull?

Ciclotte Exercise Bike

Minox spycameras.. updated to digital wonder with bling!


Interested to capture your neighbourhood musang (civet cat) or cat burglar? The motion detection digital camera (Green color) will fit the bill.

Spy vs Spy…

Minox Spy vs Spy

Check out these funky Leica’s – Only RM6XXX each


Model cars -Big matchbox cars for the Big Boys.


If you ever wanted a Ferrari F1 steering wheel..

Ferrari Steering Wheel

Well.. You’ll know where to spend your bonus this year!


OLY Pen - NGSC logo

Avenue K,
156, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2168 7888
Opening times: Open daily, 10am-10pm
Nearest LRT/Monorail : LRT (KLCC Station)
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