Ori Bumbu

When we talk about affordable Balinese food in Kuala Lumpur, we think generally think about Bumbu Bali, Waterlily or Ole ole Bali. In Bali today, you can eat extremely well, and choose from a variety of national cuisines. Street food in Bali is cheap enough and you would probably have to pay three times for the same quality of food, in any of the world’s major cities. Add to this, for no extra charge, some of the most magnificent dining settings that one could ever imagine, e.g. set against the back drop of some lush Ubud padi fields etc. it really makes one feel like flying straight out to Bali to get one some fried Bebek! Well, one can’t always do what one wants, so in light of not being able to travel to Bali on a whim just to eat my favourite dish, let me say rather, that there is a new Balinese restaurant in town. It’s name is Ori Bumbu.

Start off with the Chef’s recommendation of lovely refreshing Balinese drinks. The Teh Serai and the Air Bandung are great choices to go with your meal. Then pick your mains, from some moderately priced Balinese sets that possess food- enlivening flavorings including palate-stimulating chiles, fragrant coriander, biting garlic, pepper, lemongrass, tamarind, and ginger. At this trendy, casual eatery one should try the Dory fish that is barbecued in pandan leaf as it apparently comes all the way from New Zealand. Also the bebek (deep fried duck) set that is harmoniously paired with lemongrass, and chili sauces that is so super addictive, down to the last bite of crispy skin. The owner has set up shop in Section 17 for a mere 8 days and so, you can imagine that they might still be improving on their menu. However, this place should satisfy that Balinese food craving of yours for now, like it did mine, on this rainy afternoon.


low light ambiance at Ori Bumbu


Just hunky dory! The delicious Dori fish (RM12.90) and in the background , the Teh Serai (RM3) and Air Bandung(RM4)


Did I forget to metion that this place has free wifi..


Bebek goreng Set /Fried Duck set (RM20.90)


Mixed Balinese Platter(RM38.00)
OLY Pen - NGSC logo

Ori Bumbu,
AG-5, Blk A,
Happy Mansion,
Section 17,
46100 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: +603 7931 2261


  • Baby Sumo says:

    Oh you forgot to mention that sometimes u will find hot chicks dining here too.. lol! 😛

  • Brother B says:

    I must go!!!

  • KY says:

    and i had just blogged about bebek bengil, i wan this bebek nowwww

  • minchow says:

    I thought it was a joint I had to go all the way to Bali for, till I scrolled up and read it again! Long live Happy Mansion!

  • J2Kfm says:

    Try also The Uma. Good food, authentic flavours and various choices. Pretty reasonable too.

  • Gadget says:

    I think this place is a rip off. Do you thing they should charge the 10% and 6% when you don’t even have wait staff. I doubt that they make RM 3 million turnover yearly to qualify to charge us.

  • Foodbuff says:

    2 of my colleagues and I (we’re all girls) just went there for lunch. When taking the order we asked the waiter how long the food will take to be served and the waiter replied that it will take 15 to 20 mins. We were fine with that. Half hour later our food is still not served and customers who had walked in after us had received their food. Therefore we asked the waiter for our food (and one would think that such a question is reasonable, right?) The waiter roughly replies that the food is being prepared and it is coming. Owner then comes and rudely says food will come, is already on the way since we had a special request for one of the dishes (which was: for one dish, do not pour the chili on the food. This takes half an hour????) Ten minutes after that (which means we have been waiting for a total of 40 minutes and we needed to head back to the office by 2pm!) the food finally arrives and my food is cold, one colleague’s food is luke warm and the other colleague is the only one who gets hot food. Not having time to send it back to be re-heated, we ate and called for the bill. Waiter brought the bill, and we said we were not happy with the service and therefore we dont wanna pay the service charge. Waiter then turns to the owner and says we dont wanna pay the service charge and guess what, THE OWNER STARTS SHOUTING AND THREATENING US. Without negotiating with us, without telling us he is not agreeable to such a thing nicely. Instead, he says ‘I WONT LET YOU GO!!’ 2 other customers, elderly ladies, sitting next to our table see and are frightened by the owner’s reaction gobbled their food and leave. Owner starts shouting, threatens us says ‘you dont pay, you can walk out and you see what happens’. We then hear the outside grill being pulled and the owner takes a picture of the three of us. He then threatens to call the cops and puts the phone to his ear and talks loudly to some “datuk”. So we in return take a picture of him too and dial 999. While I am on the phone talking to the police officer, he continues to shout and threatens us. He keeps on going on about us not wanting to pay, when from the first moment we asked for the bill, we made it clear that we will pay for the food and drinks but only not pay for the service charge. He sees that I am on the phone with the cops and he then opens the door and says ‘okay you can go. No need to pay, you can leave but I have your picture I will say you are criminals.’ His waiter and a lady from the kitchen then steps in and tries to negotiate with us to settle the bill minus the service charge but we insist that we will only make payment if he deletes the picture of us from his phone. He then shouts at his waiter and the lady to not accept our payment and to ask us to leave without paying if we dare. The waiter and lady then say that the okay the service charge stays but the drinks will be minus-ed from the bill. We tell waiter and the lady that we are agreeable to pay only if he deletes the picture of us and he refuses. I continue calling the cops trying to give them directions about the exact location of the restaurant and then he gives in to the waiter deleting our picture from the owner’s phone. We in return agree to delete his picture from my phone. As the pictures were deleted, we paid the bill of food minus drinks and walked out. He stood at the door and watched us walking. As we drive out, the cops drive in and ask us to head to the restaurant with them (the cops). The owner starts going crazy again and starts shouting saying “They dont want to pay, they stole from us”. The cops then advise us that a police report may be made by both parties and so that’s what we proceeded to do next. We’re hoping that some sort of action will be taken as the owner is truly mad. Truly, madly, deeply crazy. Do NOT go to Ole Bumbu Bali.

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