10 easy tips to making a good video

Here’s today’s Blogger in the Spotlight, JD Andrews, with his terrific tips on video making.

Making a good video is harder than some people think. You may put up a video.. but it doesn’t mean that everyone might want to watch it. By just following the 10 practical steps below, you may just be on the right path to making a solid video that people will appreciate and enjoy watching. Here’s how..

1. Get a tripod. Now a days they are small and inexpensive and a great way to make your videos look more professional.

2. Get a mic. Some people don’t realize how IMPORTANT audio is. They buy an expensive camera, which looks great but rely on the onboard mic. If you’re doing interviews or on-camera narration, invest in a decent mic.

3. Get and use headphones. Don’t rely on meters, listen to what ‘s going into the camera and adjust accordingly.

GoingSocialTV ~ Iceland ~ Sneak-Peek from JD Andrews on Vimeo.

4. Get a light. Nothing makes your shot look better if you are shooting in low light or dark situations.

5. Get a Case or Backpack. Now that you’ve invested in all this great equipment, protect it!

6. Shoot many options. It’s easier to edit a good video when you have a lot of options. Try to always get the ‘big 3’Wide, Close up and Extreme close up.

7. Shoot Cutaways. Also know as B-roll, while shooting; get multiple shots of things that are around you, the sky, tree, people etc. It’s great way to cover up long interviews or better yet, mistakes.

8. Music. A great way to portray the mood of your video but DO NOT use copyrighted music if you want to sell or post the video on-line. Authenticity is key in making a great video.

9. Graphics. They make your video look more professional and now a days you can find really nice graphics for just a few bucks.

10. Shoot all the time. Insert old saying here.. practice, practice and more practice. The more you shoot and become familiar with your equipment, the more you’ll start seeing a dramatic improvement in all your videos.

If you have your own practical tips to share, please do so. Would love to hear your thoughts. Now, get out there and shoot some great videos!

About this week’s guestwriter:
JD has spent 19 years traveling around the globe (79 countries across 6 continents), creating, shooting, & editing travel/tourism videos for various cruise lines, airlines, destinations, tourist boards & television networks. He has produced & created numerous award winning videos including 3 Emmys for excellent television programming.Travel is his passion; creating inspiring and evocative videos and photographs is his profession. Social media is the way he connects with the world and shares both of these things.

Follow JD on twitter – @EarthXplorer or visit his website.
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