The Hungry Hog

Over the weekend, we traipsed down to Subang Jaya to seek out this cosy little joint for affordable, pork burgers. Long before the Hungry Hog became a cafe, Cumi used to tell me about this website that did online catering, specializing in well, pig. The Hungry Hog website did non-halal catering for small parties and they had two types of menus to pick from. A set menu or a personalized menu. We used to think this was a brilliant way to have a party, because, not only would one save time and effort not having to cook, one could have great ribs, stewed pork, siew-yoke(roasted pork), etc, and all within one’s budget too. He was pretty sure, these were the same people.


Well, Cumi’s hunch was right and we were greeted at the door by Yeng Yee (YY), the Head Hog and Chef at the cafe. He said that the next logical thing was to open shop as there were many things they wanted to do, which could not be done via a small home catering kitchen. And so, Hungry Hog Cafe was born.


We love this place. Clean, modern and unpretentious. The most brilliant part of it all, is that they have managed to keep their prices low, and the food tasty. Service is prompt and we had little to complain about.


 Keropork – RM5.90

Yes, you read right. Not keropok, but keropork. These deep fried, puffy, crunchy pig skin curls, are the best thing since french fries! They are lightly salted and you are given a small amount of vinegar to dunk it in. Super addictive and highly recommended. In some places, the fried pig skin turns out hard but here, they are billowy pillows of crunchiness. They really are, as good as they look.


3 Little Pigs – RM15.90

The knockout signature burger, known as the 3 little pigs, topped with bubbling-hot cheese, a smear of salad dressing, and a heap of caramelized onions on lightly toasted buns. This beauty is accompanied by a good-sized cup of crispy french fries and salad on the side. Ah, this would be a must have – the three little pigs is a delightfully meaty burger indeed and if the pork patty, streaky bacon and ham does not hit the spot for you, we don’t know what will.


And all for the price of fifteen bucks.. can’t complain. According to YY, The Hungry Hog makes their own bread and burger buns so, these come out fresh from the kitchen as well.


oink, oink!


Ribs – RM27.90

A massive, decadent portion of pork spare ribs, that come in a sweet charsiew sauce. The meat is well seasoned and one can actually pull it off the bone without much effort. The meat is full of succulence and flavour – nothing like the knobby, pre-lacquered ribs one sometimes gets in lesser restaurants. These are meaty and smoky-sweet (basted with the special charsiew sauce I would imagine), and even if you’re a diminutive diner, it’s pretty much impossible to eat just one!


A terrific place for lunch and if you are hankering for some pig. The Hungry Hog serves beer, but you may choose to bring your own wine, with no corkage charged. They have wine glasses for patrons.. so what are you waiting for? Time to pay Hungry Hog a visit;)

The Hungry Hog,
71, Jalan SS 15/4C,
Subang Jaya.
Closed Mondays
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