Sakae Sushi and the iPad

Walking into Sakae Sushi, it is hard to miss the shiny new fixtures on the tables, encasing spanking new white iPads.

Sakae Sushi

What you see, is Sakae Sushi Malaysia’s first iPad ordering system for a Japanese sushi chain. This cool and modern interactive menu is aimed at improving its customer dining service experience, by handling orders efficiently and accurately. iPads are displayed on every table, allowing customers to place an order by just touching the screen and choosing their desired food and beverage. The system is designed to resemble an actual menu which the customer can browse through or pinch to enlarge the pictures. It also lists order items that have arrived or are being prepared. The new system is currently available at Sakae Sushi at the Curve, Berjaya Times Square and Sunway Pyramid, with more outlets to follow.

We actually found this iPad ordering system extremely efficient. As Cumi is normally pretty fickle about what he wants to eat, the system allowed us to quickly go back to our shopping cart and change our orders. We could add, subtract or completely delete orders with just a tap of the finger. It also showed us very quickly if our over zealous appetites had ordered more than we could handle. Once we placed the order, we could see which dishes were being processed, which had been delivered and which were pending. Traditionally, orders needed to be transferred by hand for billing, but with this new system, orders are sent directly to the cashier. Hence, staff members can focus on serving and meeting customer needs without much distraction. We actually found the service extremely fast, and 100% error free as well. Great stuff.. we will definitely be eating here more often as things are served up in such a zippy manner.

What we had that night.. (for four people)


Sashimi Mori Zen RM49.90


Hotate Mentaiyaki RM20.90


Sakae Candle RM10.90

Sakae Sushi5

Mango & Soft Shell Crab Maki RM14.90; Shimeji Niku Roll RM14.90, Enoki Beef Roll


Sakae Salad RM13.90


Aburi Salmon Carpaccio RM14.90

Sakae Sushi2

Sakae Blossom RM9.99; Cheese Soft Shell Crab Maki RM7.99

Sakae Sushi1

Tako Sashimi (5pcs.) RM9.99, Twin Sakana Splash (August Sakae Monthly Special) RM9.80 (7.80 for members), Salmon Mayo Inari RM3.99

Sakae Sushi4

Tenzaru Cha Soba RM15.90

Sakae Sushi6

Pineapple Sorbet RM10.90, Lemon and Orange Sorbet RM8.90


We found the sashimi fresh enough and the maki roll’s value for money. We would recommend the sushi and sashimi without reservation. We did however find the Cha Soba overcooked and the Enoki Beef Rolls a little too sweet. I did not really care too much for the dishes that came with cheese as it kind of obliterated the milder flavours, but hey, that’s just me. The Aburi Salmon Carpaccio, the Shimeji Niku Roll and the Mango & Soft Shell Crab Maki were my favourites for the night. The sorbet desserts are not to be missed. They are served in a unique container, i.e. in the actual fruit itself and the lemon sorbet is the creamiest of the lot. Sakae sushi – great for a zippy Japanese meal!


Sakae Sushi 
The Curve, Ground Floor
Petaling Jaya 
Contact No: +603-7725 1172
GPS: N3.15699, E101.6114
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  • David says:

    Wah, sounds like a good idea but I can just imagine all the icky fingerprints on the iPad..

  • Lavendar says:

    Ipad ordering system….cool! The Sakae candle is so innovative, candle can be eaten?

  • KY says:

    need to know how to steal those ipads!

  • Baby Sumo says:

    I wonder if all their outlets also have iPad for ordering now.

  • Huai Bin says:

    Wow the entire Sakae Candle is actually edible? That’s amazing, I never knew that. 🙂

    How does the wick light up? Edible oil?

    Yeah, the iPad ordering system would save a lot of hassle, and no ambiguity when placing an order too. Nice.

  • Great idea! There’s a restaurant in London with the same concept accept the touchscreen is built into the table and you can play games while you wait! Good to know it was error free too:)

  • Sean says:

    it looks like ordering the sushi will be (almost) as fun as eating the sushi! three cheers for sakae sushi! 😀

  • minchow says:

    Didn’t they pioneer the computer screen ordering system when they started too? Always found having to navigate with a mouse on the table a bit cumbersome… guess this fixes it proper! Happy Holidays, folks!

  • Isaac Tan says:

    i just noticed that 3 days back at Sakae Sushi Sunway Pyramid XD

    Awesome to have ipads oh.

  • Brother B says:

    The impact of the Ipad is greater than the food featured here. That is exactly what the Sushi chain wants – word of mouth. Beside using the iPad is actually more cost efficient (if they are not stolen or vandalised).
    The menu items can be changed reqularly especially the special promotions. No need printing and artwork!
    The graphics would also make the food look more appetising which the diners may order more than they required. ( the power of Photoshop – even haggard Julia Roberts looks flawless in Lancome ads).

    Let’s do the Maths. RM1500 (16 GB) X 20 Ipads (for 20 tabels on rotational use) = RM30,000.
    And that would last for a long long time and save on future printing costs and free word of mouth advertisements plus the better imagery positioning for the chain vs its competitors say cheap and nasty Sushi King

  • Mica says:

    Wow this is hi-tech. The closest I’ve ever seen to this is a little speaker box for the TV at one of my favorite restaurants in the States. People would probably try to steal these things over there!

  • The sushi looks quite fresh but I can never get myself to eat sushi every time I’m in KL because there are so many delicious local dishes and so little time 🙁

  • Pureglutton says:

    Good investment for them, I would say! Not surprising that they are using iPads now… after all they used to have the individual computers at each table for ordering prior to this.

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