Daikanyama’s Malay Fusion Specials

Daikanyama.. that funky, Japanese fusion restaurant located on Changkat Bukit Bintang is already a well known place to the people that party along its road – one of KL’s most famous party streets. This small but swanky space is another effort by the winning team of Edwin Yau and Colin Chung, who are also behind the super successful Izakaya Shuraku in Soho KL. A lounge with a small bar upstairs plays host to DJs on weekends and normally more music filters down to the dining area as the night progresses.

Tonight we are here to check out the new menu – Malay Fusion Specials is what Edwin calls it. What I like most about the food at Daikanyama is that it employs ordinary but fresh ingredients, to create something new and exciting. A lot of people don’t like Japanese fusion but I think everything has its place. Ah yes, a little bit of fusion does in fact, add color to the soul. Sometime I like nothing more than to crawl into a sushi bar on the streets of Tokyo after a long day in the boardroom, and sometimes, I like it fusion. If you are looking to have a good time with your mates, drink the night away partake of food that is as fun loving as the owners, then Daikanyama is the perfect place for you.


Artwork on Daikanyama’s glass – Pray for Japan


DKYM Sirup Bandung.. a chick drink for sure;)

Introducing, the DKYM Fusion Specials. This new series was created as a tribute to our beloved country Malaysia. When I asked Edwin why this sort of menu- he replied that he felt like pushing the envelope and changing things up. He also felt that that the menu needed some infusion of local fusion. This time, our all time favourite Malaysian tea-time snacks, post clubbing- supper food and drinks were used to create the following dishes..


Special Geso Rojak

The Geso rojak was a big hit. Huge chunks of tempura-ed prawns in the rojak lended it a sweetness and crunch that worked well the local fruits.


Malaysian Hand Roll, filled with Chicken Bak Kua and Chicken Floss

These Chinese Bak Kua Hand rolls tasted like California rolls but far sweeter. I still prefer the traditional sort.


Special Spicy Chapati Roll

Loved these chapati rolls filled with charsiew, Japanese mayo and salad leaves. It’s great that you can pick them up and eat them with your fingers.


Salmon Butter Yaki on a bed of Kangkung Belachan

This dish was too spicy for me. I liked the salmon butter yaki though, which was nice and crispy on the outside, yet tender on the inside. The kangkung was slightly overcooked.


California Luncheon Cheese Maki

These california luncheon meat cheese maki are the ultimate in Japanese fusion! I would have prefered the luncheon meat to be more crispy as these were too soft for my liking. I found the cheese too heavy going as well, and somewhat marred the taste of the maki.


DKYM Special Mee Goreng – this luxe version of the mee goreng contains high end ingredients such as octopus and shellfish

One of the most “high-class” mee goreng I have had to date. This Malaysian style fried noodles tastes terrific and the seafood really enhances the flavours of the dish. Noodles cooked al dente like this, is the perfect late night snack especially after a boozy night out.


Salmon Truffle Oil Tataki – cooked salmon laid on a bed of fluffy white mash and drizzled with truffle oil with crispy seaweed sprinkles (this dish is part of the existing menu)

This dish needs no introduction. One of the popular, piece de resistance of DKYM is the salmon truffle oil tataki. Fabulous!


The special CO2 tumbler that converts sake into sparkling sake cocktails. Enjoy the fizz!


Ice cream dessert

A great night out. Thanks Edwin for the invite!


No. 42 Changkat Bukit Bintang,
50200 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: +6012 971 0058
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