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Extra Virgin is called the king of olive oils, i.e. the highest quality classification of olive oil and is characterised by its outstanding fruity taste and low acidity. It is a totally natural and unrefined product made from 100 % pure olive fruit juice. I have always been a fan of the extra virgin olive oil (it tastes great and gives you fabulous skin and hair) and so when we were invited to attend the launch of Cremonini olive oil we were more than happy to attend the event.

Cremonini Olive Oil and Don Pomodoro Pasta Sauce from Italy, together with Idahoan Dehydrated Potato from Idaho, US, was the highlight of a dinner at [email protected], GTower in Kuala Lumpur held on July the 14th. Organised by Euro-Atlantic Sdn Bhd, the dinner was to showcase their products. What adds to Cremonini’s flavour and aroma even more is that its extra virgin olive oil is produced from the first cold press of the olives. Not all extra virgin oils are produced like this and often heat applied during the extraction process can damage the unique flavour and aroma that extra virgin olive oils are often prized for. A flavouring in its own right, Cremonini’s extra virgin olive oil is an ideal accompaniment to cooked food and can also be used also for sauces, marinades and mayonnaises. It is delicious drizzled on salad leaves, pasta or fresh crusty bread.


Not all oils are the same and when you taste Cremonini Extra Virgin olive oil you’ll realise why. A Fruity flavour is the most coveted characteristic of any extra virgin olive oil and Cremonini has managed to create an extra virgin olive oil with a special taste. As well as its characteristic “fruity flavour” Cremonini Extra Virgin olive oil has a clean, well-balanced aroma and a full-bodied taste. Depending on the seasonal weather pattern, its colour may vary slightly, but that’s fine. The product is still 100% extra virgin!


Five different types of Cremonini olive oils have been brought into Malaysia by Euro-Atlantic. They include Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 100% Pure Olive Oil, Pomace Olive Oil, Flavoured Oils such as Chilli & Garlic, and Porcini Mushroom. Olive oil and pasta sauce are inextricably linked in Italian cuisine. Apart from that, a top range of Don Pomodoro Pasta Sauces from Saor in Calabria, southern Italy, have also been brought in. These include: Arrabiata Sauce, Tomato & Basil Sauce, Tomato & Mushroom Sauce, Olive Pesto, Red Pesto and Basil Pesto. It makes cooking pasta with the original Italian taste that much easier. Saor, a family-run company, started in Calabria more than 20 years ago, in an area rich in ancient Italian food traditions. Already available in supermarkets are: Original Flavour, Buttery Homestyle, Roasted Garlic, Four Cheese, Scalloped Potato and Hashbrown.


Mashed potatoes are a family dinner standby. By eliminating much of the labor and time involved in preparation, dehydrated mashed potatoes are a dish that is easy to throw together. Ideal with any meat or vegetable, dehydrated mashed potatoes can also be used to make shepherd’s pie and other casseroles. Idaho, a major potato-growing state in the US, has been known for its Russet Burbank potatoes for more than a century. Idahoan Original Mashed Potatoes, for instance, has been the gold standard for the company which started more than 50 years ago. Idaho natives went through a taste test of Idahoan against fresh mashed Idaho potato, and out of 414 people in three cities in Idaho half of the people preferred Idahoan or couldn’t tell the difference.


Salmon with extra virgin olive oil drizzled over it


before the dinner


Red pesto

Olive Oil Benefits The Body Internally

One of the main olive oil benefits is the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Another big benefit when talking about olive oil benefits is with digestion. It aids in the prevention of constipation keeping the digestive tract healthy. Intake of olive oil sustains metabolism due to its high caloric level without the presence of harmful cholesterol. Olive oil also aids in the prevention of stomach ulcers and other diseases that might be harmful to the digestive processes of the body.

Olive Oil Benefits That You Can See Physically

The skin is the most visible example of olive oil benefits to the human body. Olive oil contains essential vitamins that are helpful in delaying the aging process. The healthy fatty acids present in olive oil promote soft and suppler skin, i.e. you will look young for your age(ladies take note!) Indeed, olive oil benefits are not only for beauty but more on the healthy maintenance of the body internally. Time to stock up on the olive oil and reduce animal fat intake folks – your body will thank you for it!


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